Wednesday, April 2, 2014

my 7 x 7 remix

I'm taking a challenge from a blog I read to take 7 articles of clothing and mix and match them to make 7 or more outfits. My 7 items are: multi-colored scarf, coral pants, jeans, floral shirt, bird t-shirt, light blue cardigan and charcoal maxi dress.
 I was able to make 8 outfits, I miss counted while I was taking pictures.
The first is my floral shirt with jeans.
 Second is my coral pants with my light blue cardigan and my multi-colored scarf.
 Third is the coral pants with my bird t-shirt and the scarf.
 Fourth is my charcoal maxi dress with my scarf made into a vest.
 Fifth is the dress again with my bird shirt over the top.
 Sixth is my floral top tied at the side over the dress.
 Seventh is the floral top with my coral pants.
 And eighth, last but probably the one I wear the most, my bird t-shirt with the cardigan and my jeans. Please ignore the shoes, I was getting ready to walk the dog.
I love these kind of challenges because it helps me to look at my clothing in different ways and get more mileage out of it all.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

happy belated world down syndrome day

Well I missed writing and posting this on the actual day (March 21) but that's ok.

I love how the writer in this above article poses the question, "why are we so afraid of down syndrome?"
Before miles I was never around anyone who had down syndrome. I knew nothing but the negatives. That's what made me so afraid.
So here's what I would tell a mom if her baby was born with down syndrome. If I could be there in the birthing room with balloons and a big banner, pushing the doctor with his somber face away and shoving the nurses that are rudely whispering.
I would say, "congratulations! You are beginning an amazing adventure! Your child will do amazing things. Every milestone and development will be more precious to you because it will show your child's hard work and determination. I hope you already follow Jesus because you are going to need him with this new challenge. But also know that you will see God's love and joy through your child. Enjoy your new baby and get some rest. "

Now here are some positives that I have noticed having a son with down syndrome: every milestone and development is something to be celebrated, he is a great problem solver, he's a cuddle bug, he's super cute and has a great smile, he loves to dance, and he's a wild card - you never know what to expect.

Monday, March 10, 2014

visiting the modern art museum

the modern art museum had a special day for children during spring break so we loaded everyone up and went and enjoyed some modern art. we also enjoyed that the kids got a free hot dog and chips for lunch.
the david bates exhibit was very good. and i liked the collage pieces by fred tomaselli as well.

button shoes

 i saw a pin for some shoes covered in buttons and i knew i wanted to make some for myself. well i finally found some shoes to do it with. i just added the buttons randomly with hot glue and i love how they turned out.

earrings to necklace

i bought these earrings at a resale shop the other day and turned them into a necklace. i love it.

playing outside

miles and i played outside and enjoyed the nice weather. he must have pushed those trucks down the slide a thousand times and he loved every minute of it.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

record breaking

audrey started and finished her first chapter book today. she says it must be some sort of record. i am really proud of her and think its so cool that she is really loving reading now.
oh that junie b. shes a funny one.