Wednesday, July 23, 2008

cutest outfits ever...

there is a lady on that makes the cutest little girl outfits that look like disney princess outfits. but they are short sets and some dresses.
go to and then type "tinkerella" in the search box.
soooooo cute.

i may have to try and make audrey some. i wish i had a week free to sew.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

reading books...

i am reading some great books. they are from a series called "the no. 1 ladies dectective agency". its about a woman in botswana, africa who runs her own detective agency and the fun adventures that each case puts her in.
i found that the first book is kind of hard to follow and get into at first but by the end i was hooked.
one of the things i really like about these books is that the author puts alot of African culture into the story. he has lived in botswana so i trust that the references are correct.
one of the things that really struck me about their culture is how they see that people who have enough money for their families (example: if you have enough money to buy food, clothes and pay for your house) should have servants. if you dont have servants you are seen as selfish because if you dont employ "your maid" then she is jobless and its your fault that she does not have money to buy food for her family. i thought that was really interesting to think about it that way.
if you like to read then you should try this series. its at the arlington public libraries so you dont even have to buy it.
if you dont like to read then you should be reading. its good for you.

Friday, July 18, 2008

our air conditioner and vacations

to all of you who have commented and have been praying for our air conditioner, thank you.
it seems to be running well. and hopefully will continue to do so for a long time.

why does it take forever for vacation time to come. i am so excited. audrey, mom and i will be leaving for oklahoma to see my friend, her baby and her mom in just one week. i can hardly stand it. i wish we were leaving today. :)
next week at work it will be hard to concentrate. whenever i get on the internet i go and look at the website for the cottage we are renting in oklahoma. its going to be sooooo fun.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

air conditioner part 2

when i got home yesterday the house had gotten up to 88 degrees and poor jake was all sweaty from the heat. our ac repairman came at 2 and by then our house was into the 90's. i stupidly decided that i would still work out yesterday, eventhough jake advised against it. i had to stop early, it was just too hot. i dont know how those people who do yoga in 98 degree rooms do it. i would die, or kill people.
anywayz, our repairman searched and searched for the problem. he even sent his assistant into the attic, poor guy. at first he thought that our freon was completely gone and he couldnt find the leak anywhere. he was afraid that maybe we had someone stealing our freon to get high. then he finally found our freon, it was being shoved into the wrong spot by a valve. so he fixed that and hopefully it will all be fixed.
please pray that our ac is fixed. if this does not solve the problem we have to get a new outside unit. yuck, and ours isnt even that old.
the one good thing about our ac repairman is that he didnt charge us for anything. yeah!!

when i put audrey down for a nap in her room i pointed the fan right at her so she would be ok. but when she woke up she was a little sweatball. even the tips of her pigtails were sweaty. but she slept good, 3 1/2 hours.
i hope this is the end of our air conditioning saga.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

air conditioners

i wish we could live without air conditioners. ours seems to have something go wrong with it at least once a year if not more.
this year our ac repair guy has been out twice to our house and today will be his third time. theres nothing like waking up in the middle of the nite and hearing your ac running like mad and your temp not going down. and then waking up again later and its still running. i finally just shut it off and made jake pray with me. i was so frustrated. and you know how easy it is to go back to sleep when you're frustrated. ugh!!
so heres hoping and praying that it is fixed today. if not i may have to try and fix it myself and that would involve a baseball bat.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i hate it when...

i hate it when ... you are making dinner and you miss a step and you ruin the whole thing. thats what happened last nite to me. i was trying to make my grandma's recipe of cheese soup that is really good and i missed the step where you cook the veggies completely before adding the cheese and thickening up the soup. the veggies were still crunchy and the soup was really liquidy. im hoping it can be saved, because i hate wasting food.

Monday, July 14, 2008

month menus...

i have really been trying this year to make healthy, nutritious and easy meals for my family. it was actually one of my resolutions. so far i have only done about 2 months worth but i would say that it makes things alot easier. with the menu i can make my grocery list before hand and make sure things are defrosted, instead of not being able to make anything because the chicken is as hard as a rock in the freezer at 4 pm.
if you're curious how i do this just let me know. i could show you how.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

sick, again

so i was sick again on tuesday and wednesday. yuck. its this stupid sinus infection that keeps recurring. i had it monthly in january - may and then again this month. i have been trying to get my immunities up but its just not kicking it. i should probably talk to my doctor about it next time i see him.
the good thing about being sick; i got to sleep in yesterday.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

fourth of july festivities

well for the fourth of july we did do alot. we made it out to the parade on friday morning and found a great spot to watch under a tree. audrey loved the horsies and wanted more horsies, she kept on saying "horsies, please!" its so fun to go to a parade with a little kid, their excitement is very contagious.
then after audrey's nap we went to the in-laws for swimming and hot dogs. audrey did pretty good in the big pool. she was in her floaty thing awhile and we held her. i tried to get her to lay on her back some. she looked so cute with her little wet pigtails.
on saturday my family came over and we had dinner together and then went and saw the fireworks at the highlands. we ended up parking in an insurance office parking lot alittle down the street, but i think we had a better view than the people at the highlands. the fireworks only lasted about 10 minutes but there were some good ones.
it was a good fourth.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

mistaken identities

so i was just talking with my friend and i realized that i had the wrong spoon family on my blog list. oops. so whoever you are spoonman, sorry.
its fixed now.

our plans for the fourth...

i kind of want to do alot with audrey this year for the fourth of july. she is old enough to enjoy fireworks and call them pretty. she is old enough to enjoy a parade.
so it looks like we will try and go to the arlington parade tomorrow morning. then have hamburgers and hot dogs at the in-laws house and probably swim.
and we will try and see some fireworks at some point too.
i found audrey this adorable patriotic tank top too. i will take pictures and post them if i can figure out how to on this.
well thats about it. im tired today because we had dinner with some friends last night and had alot of fun but stayed out way too late. i hope audrey is doing ok at "work", thats what i call her childcare. :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


so i have been busy planning some vacations and i cant wait.
1st vacation: to guthrie, oklahoma with my mom and daughter to see my best friend from junior high, her daughter and her mom. we will be staying in a little b and b cottage and just catching up. this will be our second year to do this (not in a cottage last year but it was still very fun).
the cottage has a kitchen so we can cook our own meals and we can let the little girls just play in the house. i think it will be much easier than hotel rooms.
2nd vacation: to virginia beach to see jake's grandparents. this is the first time for us to fly with audrey so im alittle nervous. and we have to change planes. but im sure shell do fine, she always does. and i will have LOTS of new, fun, quiet toys to play with on the plane.
jakes grandparents will love getting to see audrey again. they got to see her last year and couldnt stop talking about what a great baby she was. wait until they get to see her running around and talking.
thats all for my first post.