Friday, March 20, 2015

cracker face

miles is making art with a new medium these days, crackers.
here is the face he made the other day. he did it all by himself (we normally only give him 2 crackers at a time).

making more necklaces

i made a few more necklaces - one for a friend and one for audrey (she told me what beads she wanted and where).
 shes not proud of it at all. yes, those are clear dolphin beads on it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

spring break

we have been enjoying our spring break.
audrey and jake went to home depot and made some bookends.
then we went to the library for a "where the wild things are" puppet show. it was alot of fun. we also checked out some books.
on monday we went to the modern art museum. audrey enjoying art.
miles enjoying art, well really just the bench because we let him crawl all over it.
on tuesday we went to the zoo. it was a great cloudy day that kept the crowds away. and most of the animals were active so thats always fun.
 the kids as explorers.

the library

i love the library.
i love that it has tons of books that i can read and enjoy for free.
i love that it has movies and tv shows on dvd to watch.
i love that it has exercise dvds that i can try out.
i love that you can reserve books online and then just run in and pick them up.
i love that they have fun activities for my kids like the puppet show we went to last saturday.
i also love that when my kids get new books from the library they are busy looking at them for at least an hour.

cute miles

oh that boy, what a cutie!?!
 saying goodbye to someone at the front door with pepper
 saying "pleeeaaaassssseeee!"

Sunday, March 8, 2015

snow day 3

 miles and pepper.
 audrey throwing snowballs at the neighbor kids that live diagonally from us. pepper barking at their dog.
 my snowman.
 miles first craft with me. he actually wanted to do it. YEAH!!
 it was a great day for some hot chocolate.
 coloring and hello kitty rubbings.
 pretending to camp in the living room.
melting beads.

snow day 2, the next day

 our pitiful snowman, i couldnt get the snow to pack, it was dry and icy snow.
revisiting my awesome snow angel.

snow day 2

 my snow angel.
i think we got about 3 inches of real snow.

snow day 1

it was mostly just ice.

miles is blue

this is what happens when you are trying to make dinner and you forget that miles has a dinosaur stamp in his crayons and he is busily coloring in his coloring book. then he is eerily quiet.
 he stamps his face and ear and hands.

daddy daughter dance

jake took audrey to her first daddy daughter dance. i love that he can spend that time with her. he is such a great daddy!
audrey wore her "annie" dress. target sold a few items that were either inspired or exactly like the clothing in the remake of the movie annie. and audrey loved that red dress she wore. so when i saw that it was on clearance, not in her size, i snatched it up. i knew that i could alter it to fit her with my mad sewing skills but i forgot how fun it is to alter store bought clothing. it was more of an endeavor than i would like but im glad i did it, it was worth it. she was so thrilled to have that dress.

my best friend came

my best friend who i met some time in elementary school came for a visit and we had a blast. we laughed alot, made stuff and snacks, and didnt get much sleep. it was great!!
we made washer necklaces, heart earrings, sock owls, leather braided bracelets, zipper bracelets, kool-aid lip balm, avocado hummus, chocolate peanut butter grahams, chocolate cheesecake pudding bites, she made herself a fun necklace and then she made me a fun necklace.

horse back riding

for christmas i found a groupon for audrey to take one hour of horse back riding lessons. she enjoyed it but im not sure that it would be worth the money without the groupon. i am glad that she was able to have the experience though.
her horse was named francis. when i asked her which horse she was hoping she would ride when we drove up she said a white one, she got her wish.

beer cake

i made jake a beer cake for his birthday this year. (idea from pinterest, where else?!)


yup, scootering is a word, look it up!

the kids bought scooters with some of their christmas money.
here they are enjoying them at a nearby park.

2nd trip to the perot museum

we were able to score tickets to the perot museum again this year. we had even more fun than last year. we started out by racing a tyranosaurus rex, a cheetah and athletes.
then it was up to the dinosaurs.
creating a one of a kind Miles-o-saurus.
we saw a whole bunch of the other exhibits but thats all the pictures i have. i was in the moment, or holding onto miles hand and that is a full-concentration job.

drawing on our magnadoodles

i love it when they can find an activity that they can both do, quietly, that doesnt involve the tv.