Saturday, September 28, 2013

log cabin village

it was free day at log cabin village so we went.
here's some pictures:
 miles in a little log cabin
 miles digging
 audrey dipping candles
  miles looking for eggs
 audrey grinding corn, she LOVED doing it!
 audrey in a cabin
 miles coming out of a little teepee
 miles working the waterpump
audrey watching the waterwheel

Friday, September 27, 2013

cake pops

yummy cake pops. we made cake pops today and they are DELICIOUS!! there are definitely some tricks to it so i suggest watching this video from the show deals -
we made them with my new sister in law, nicole. thanks nicole for coming and having fun with us today.
 strawberry cake pops with vanilla frosting and vanilla coating and halloween sprinkles.
nicole and audrey mixing the oreo balls. they didnt turn out pretty but they did turn out delicious!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

making cookies

audrey was sick this week. :( so today we made cookies. she found the idea in a hello kitty craft and stationery book. i love that she is creative.
then we had a cookie store with the cutest baker ever.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

nicu reunion

well today was another nicu reunion. the hospital and nicu where miles stayed for 10 days after he was born does a reunion every year. im sure they do it so the doctors and nurses can see the kids growing up. its also a fun carnival for kids with games, lots of food and cotton candy. this year it was a dr. seuss theme. miles was pretty tired and not too excited to be there with all the people dressed up in costume. but audrey had fun and alot of sugar.
thinking back to when miles was in the nicu always reminds me of how much God has done in our sweet Miles and how His hand has always been on Him.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


here is my CUTE boy in his bowtie. his sister requested that he wear it for her party.

my audrey is 7!

audrey had a great birthday weekend. we started off with birthday pancakes (just pancakes with sprinkles and a candle).
 then she opened one of her favorite presents from mommy and daddy, an our generation doll. i made some doll clothes, note the matching dresses.
 heres the birthday cake. she wanted a fairy. after failing to be able to remove the cake from the pan, i decided to just cut away the pieces to shape the fairy wings. then my husband iced and sprinkled it. i think he did great and audrey LOVED it!
happy birthday to my sweet, kind, very helpful, inquisitive, creative and fun daughter.
(now i just have to figure out when to do her friend party)

sick days

well, miles has been sick the last two days and stayed home from school. but he doesnt act sick so i have had to be pretty creative to keep him busy.
here are 2 things we did to keep busy:
 played outside. miles even blew some bubbles, which is pretty hard to do when youre such a wild man.
 made a masking tape road.


every mom should read this book. its awesome and gives great practical and godly advice on how to deal with your raw emotions.