Monday, October 22, 2012

and then he got glasses

miles has glasses now and while they are as cute as can be they are going to be a major pain as he gets used to them. to get them on i have to lay him on the floor and kneel over him, pinning his arms against his body. then i get the glasses on and carefully grab his hands. then i get to hold his hands until i get trusting and then wait about 5 seconds, thats how long the glasses stay on. sounds fun right?!
im just trying to think of this like surgery. in 2 weeks it will be fine, i pray and hope.
now heres some cute pictures:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

insert joke here

here is a video of miles giggling. you can "tell" him a joke and then start it so you have someone to laugh at you. :)

homemade guitar

this happened this summer but i just got the pictures from my dad.
audrey and tim made this guitar for audrey to play in her band (she made tim and joel be in it with her).
ill say it again, i love that this girl is creative.
 audrey demands perfection from her bandmates, too bad they didnt know the song very well.
 uncle tim showing audrey where in the bible the words from the song came from. im pretty sure she was telling him that she already knew that. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

open house and fair at my brothers place of employment

this past weekend we went to my brother's place of employment (im not sure if i can say the name online, so to be safe i wont). we had a fun time. they had free food (brisket, hot dogs, chips, drinks, kettle corn and sno-cones), bounce houses for the kids, carnival games, spin art, face painting (yup she wanted a full face tiger) and a tour of the plant. here are some pictures of the kids having fun.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

a ladder-climbing man

here is a video of miles climbing the ladder to the top of our playset and then going down the slide with audrey. they did it about 80 times yesterday. sorry for the bad camera work, i had to rush to the slide.

miles and the pumpkins

miles and i went to the pumpkin patch yesterday. his favorite part was riding in the wagon. i enjoyed putting him in the middle of a group of big ones and watching him get out. that boy loves obstacles and rolling over the top of pumpkins.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

cutest cowboy ever

just thought i would share what miles plays with these days. he's kind of into hats.

another party checked off the list

this morning we had audrey's friend party. it went well. i didnt feel as stressed so thats always good, and audrey did not have a meltdown.
it was sort of a fancy nancy/princess theme. the girls decorated tiaras, played some games had snacks and then watched veggie tales princess and the pop star.
here's some pics of the party.
thank you to audrey's friends that were able to come. she had a great time.
here's the butterfly cake i made (idea from pinterest) and the rainbow fruit kabobs (another idea from pinterest).