Wednesday, November 5, 2014

pumpkin carving fail

well we got around to carving our pumpkin alittle late this year.
and it was a fail. i just dont feel that the picture template had enough support to hold it at the bottom. it probably didnt help that i was rushing to get it done before audrey's bedtime so she could see it.


here is my fail. do you see in the small template above how there is little to hold it in the pumpkin?
we may have to carve a fun little face into the other side or something.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

halloween 2014

this year we all dressed up. i had the kids costumes done the weekend before halloween and the idea for mine came late on wednesday, which was fine because i just had to gather all the pieces. we were working on jake's pretty late on thursday and some of friday.
audrey was captain marvel.
miles was buddy the t rex from dinosaur train.
i was a lalaloopsy doll.
and jake was wolverine (fighting with captain marvel of course)

pumpkin patch

i still love pumpkin patches.
we went to the one near the grocery store and they just happened to have a family fun day festival going on, so we went to that too. the kids got to play games, get candy, do a craft, and we all got free food. it was a fun morning.



oh yeah, they got their faces painted too. audrey had whiskers and miles had a pumpkin.