Tuesday, June 23, 2009

we did muffin tin monday

yesterday audrey had a fever so we stayed home from work. since that was pretty much her only symptom she needed some entertainment and fun for the day. so i brought out the muffin tin for lunch. i have seen this on lots of the craft blogs i read and have wanted to try it for a long time. normally people only use the 6 muffin tin, but i could only find my 12. it was fun but i think i was more excited about it than audrey. oh well, she is sick after all.

train ride

we were fortunate enough to get to ride the bnsf (burlington northern santa fe) train for their employee appreciation special on june 14. my mom's cousin's husband works for them and family got to ride for free plus get free snacks. so jake, audrey and i plus my brothers got to go.
it was a really fun ride and we all enjoyed it. i dont know if tim or audrey liked it more.
we rode from the ft. worth alliance airport to gainesville and then back.
thanks again judy and jeff.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

peanuts cartoons...

is it just me or are the peanuts cartoons not appropriate for small children? we just rented the valentine one from the library and i never realized how mean those kids are to each other. and why does everyone have to be so mean to charlie brown? yes, i know that maybe that is closer to what real school is like but who wants to watch name-calling and put-downs at home. dont we watch television to get away from reality.
and why are woodstock and snoopy always hitting each other with paper hearts?

Friday, June 12, 2009

weekend going-ons...

so this is what we did this weekend.
birthday party for a special friend turning 3. the party was at chuck e. cheese. audrey became brave enough to give him a high five. said goodbye to my aunt and uncle. they are moving FAR away. we will miss them GREATLY.and this is where i found audrey tuesday morning. yes she is sleeping in a basket.
what a weirdo. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

busy busy busy

we have been busy lately so i have not been posting but here are some things that i have made in the last month.

first a top that ended up being a failure. i tried to rework it and it just got worse. i hate when that happens. so i guess i will make it into a skirt for audrey or something later.
i made some baby doll diapers for audrey's babies. yeah, now i get to change her diapers and her babies. :)here is another summer dress that i made out of a pillowcase.

here is audrey's easter dress. im not sure if i like it. maybe its just too pink and poufy for me. the first picture is with the pinafore, the second without. i do like that i used an umbrella and galoshes.

and lastly a shirt that i made for a special birthday boy. guess what he loves.