Sunday, April 27, 2014

new kennel

Pepper got a new kennel, since we underestimated her length for the other one. And I think she is liking the airy-ness of this one. She actually goes in on her own sometimes. (Thank you aunt Virgie).
 Oh yeah, the kids love going in there too.

our easter

Our Easter was great and we almost had all of our family over. There was egg dying and candy and even confetti eggs (thanks Nicole). And to try and put our focus on what Easter means to us Audrey and I made lamb sugar cookies and everyone got chocolate lambs at their place setting (I forgot to take a picture but we just took a cupcake liner filled it with a little green Easter grass put the chocolate lamb on top and then taped the name to the outside of the liner). Lambs to help us remember that Jesus was our sacrificial lamb. He conquered sin and death once and for all. And He is risen!

 My silly girl, pretending that she was eating all the cookies.

 Miles did not want to dye eggs, his new airplanes from gramps were too fun.

Miles in the tree. I love that boy.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

my 7 x 7 remix

I'm taking a challenge from a blog I read to take 7 articles of clothing and mix and match them to make 7 or more outfits. My 7 items are: multi-colored scarf, coral pants, jeans, floral shirt, bird t-shirt, light blue cardigan and charcoal maxi dress.
 I was able to make 8 outfits, I miss counted while I was taking pictures.
The first is my floral shirt with jeans.
 Second is my coral pants with my light blue cardigan and my multi-colored scarf.
 Third is the coral pants with my bird t-shirt and the scarf.
 Fourth is my charcoal maxi dress with my scarf made into a vest.
 Fifth is the dress again with my bird shirt over the top.
 Sixth is my floral top tied at the side over the dress.
 Seventh is the floral top with my coral pants.
 And eighth, last but probably the one I wear the most, my bird t-shirt with the cardigan and my jeans. Please ignore the shoes, I was getting ready to walk the dog.
I love these kind of challenges because it helps me to look at my clothing in different ways and get more mileage out of it all.