Wednesday, April 27, 2011

toilet tube castle

while doing crafts with my 4 and a half year old i have realized one thing, you have to do them FAST! otherwise they lose interest. so here's a fast, fun craft (found the idea in family fun magazine - there's was much more elaborate and beautiful) to do quickly.

Monday, April 11, 2011

eggs dyed before easter

yup, audrey and i dyed some eggs this year and we did it before easter. i feel that is quite an accomplishment. go me!!

paper crafts

if you have some time and dont mind cutting out paper shapes you need to check out:
on the website they have "free toys" that you can print out and use. they are awesome.
audrey and i did some mermaids. when you move the straws they swim. :)

awesome racetrack

check out miles enjoying his racetrack. what a cute little guy!!

first library card

audrey got her first library card the other night. she was so excited (me too). i remember loving the library as a kid (i still do) and i can't wait for her to love it. now we just have to try and get to storytime someday. i bet she would love that.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

sitting up like a big boy

here he is, the cutest little boy, sitting up by himself. dont you just want to kiss those cheeks.

all tucked in

even monster trucks need to be tucked in.

handprint lillies

audrey and i made handprint lillies the other day (an idea from family fun magazine). it definitely worked better with her smaller handprints.


guess what i asked for this past christmas? a clothesline.
why would a girl who at a tender age told her mother, "i will never ever have a clothesline!!!!" ask for a clothesline? well, they save money, your clothes have that fresh outside smell, you aren't running your dryer in the house in the summer when its already hot enough inside. and yes, you also save energy and are green.
it works great. i have so far hung up 3 loads of laundry. check it.