Saturday, September 29, 2012

we went to the zoo, like a month ago

we went to the dallas zoo (about a month ago and i totally wanted to post about it and then forgot) with some great friends and it was so fun. i love their new african savannah exhibit. they have a feeding area for giraffes. thats right, you get to feed real giraffes - or just be cheap like me and pet the giraffes when they are eating someone else's lettuce. yup, i got to pet a real giraffe, it was so awesome. if that was the only exhibit i think i would have been happy.
oh yeah, audrey got to pet the giraffe too, ride the carousel and be with some of her favorite friends. we also rode the monorail. it was a good day. here's some pictures:
 miles didnt get to ride the carousel because it was broken when we first got there. which is probably good because whenever the bell went off for it to start he would freak out. but he sure looks cute sitting on that hummingbird.
 why do the kids love the statues more than watching the real animals.
 we touched it. it was so cool!
 monorail, monorail.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

goings on at our house

audrey and miles colored together yesterday after school. it was too cute how miles would watch audrey and then do it. (they were coloring from a batman book)
 then today miles decided he was going to feed our cats. he watches audrey do it and it was amazing to see him try. he got their dish from the top of the dryer, opened the pantry door, found the right drawer and got 2 pieces of food out. (i stopped him when he actually got into the bin with the food, that could have been a big mess) this boy is getting too smart. :)
and i have gone 5.08 and 5.04 miles on the eliptical so far this week (tuesday and wedsnesday).

Friday, September 21, 2012

"pumpkin" cheeseball

i made this "pumpkin" cheeseball for the snack for our small group. it was easy to make and tasted awesome. (i found it on pinterest.)

i love freebies

my aunt sent me a voucher to get a free pineapple cupcake pop from edible arrangements. so i thought today would be the perfect day to redeem them, audrey had the day off of school.
it was a big pinapple slice dipped in white and dark chocolate and then decorated like a cupcake. (what a cute idea!) they were fantastic!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

slushy magic

audrey got a slushy magic for her birthday. it works pretty well. the only complaints i would have is the spoon/straw is hard to wash and that you have to shake it way more than the 2 minutes they suggest - more like 10 - 15 minutes. other than that we like it.

audrey and her lists

well its official, audrey is my kid. she has started making lists of what we need to do for the day.
i love this kid.
(on the list on the right we needed to: go to the park, pick flowers, play camping, eat lunch, put miles down for his nap and make a craft - we made flower bows)

nicu reunion, more like a mini carnival

 we had the nicu reunion for miles today. every year the hospital where miles was born has a day where they invite back the graduates from the nicu. its really a cute event. they give you goody bags when you come in, they have little carnival games, temporary tattoos (audrey got 2- pony and glittery flower; and miles got a monkey), popcorn, cotton candy, and other snacks, as well as door prizes. this year miles won a build a bear. yeah!! its nice that they do this for the graduates and their families.
and heres just a bonus picture of our cute guy.

Friday, September 14, 2012

joined a gym

so i joined a gym in august. i finally decided to do it because i injured my foot in july and couldnt do the high impact exercise that i have at home. the doctor said that i could do an eliptical or cycling. the gym has those 2 things, plus it is less than a mile from my house, plus it has free childcare, plus its only $10 a month.
after being a member for a month i have to say i love it. the free childcare is great, now i can workout when my child is awake, leaving his naptime for cleaning and napping myself. and he loves going to the kids club and getting out of the house.
and i feel like im getting a good workout. this week i did 4.85, 4.84 and 5 miles on the eliptical in 45 minutes. so hurray for fitness connection.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

ice skating

we were invited to an ice skating party today so audrey got to experience ice skating for the first time. here are some pictures. (i didnt skate because i had miles, i was taking pictures and im pretty accident prone and didnt want to injure myself at another child's party.)
and just to toot my own horn - i lengthened her shirt with a ruffle. isnt it cute?!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

my girl is 6!!

this weekend we celebrated audrey's birthday with the family. i cant believe she is 6. she is becoming such a big girl and such a helper. her creative side is really kicking in too, which i love.
audrey helped me with some of the decorations and with designing her party dress (see how close i came to her drawing). we made balloon flowers, altered a banner, decced-out a chair for a princess and a sign for the front door. i also made her a birthday bow.
the birthday girl picked cheesecake cupcakes for her dessert, what a good girl!