Sunday, December 16, 2012

more christmas crafts

 i just had to add my cute santa.
the  before - party popcorn (air popped popcorn, melted white chocolate chips, sprinkles added on top)
 the after - party popcorn
 handprint wreath made with miles handprints. it turned out so cute.
 flash doll that audrey drew up for me to make for miles from felt.
hawkgirl doll that audrey drew for me to make for her from felt.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

miles rockin out

sorry its sideways. you may choose to watch this video without the sound, miles is listening to a wiggles song. just warning you.

Monday, December 10, 2012

2 things

what we did for great grandpa (jake's grandpa) for christmas: i knew he would love pictures of the kids so we bought some wooden ornaments, had audrey paint them and added the kid's pictures. i think they turned out great.
the other thing is that my son will NOT keep his shoes on in the car and it drives me crazy. even if we are going a short distance he whips those things off, socks too. so today i came up with a crazy idea - i put socks that are alittle too big over his shoes. it worked!! so i may have a solution for maybe a few trips in the car.


yeah, we had our first snow last night!!

its beginning to look alot like christmas

here are some pictures of some decorating i did, with inspiration by pinterest of course.
 our felt tree. im still deciding if it needs more felt ornaments (for miles to pull down).
 candy cane garland
 some of our nativity sets and the awesome wreath that my friends grandma made.
snowflake ornaments hung in frames with my homemade ornament wreath (i love it!).

parade of lights

so our town has a parade of lights and my husband and daughter's school was in it. audrey was chosen to be her class representative. she got to ride in the trailer with the other pre-k and kindergarten class representatives. my husband also got to be in the parade, walking behind the trailer. it was a fun night.
miles also LOVED the parade. he did alot of waving and some dancing.
sorry that the first is a horrible picture, i was so excited i didnt do a good job. oh well, i was in the moment. in the first picture audrey is in the trailer, you can kind of see her with her white shirt, green vest, and red and white santa hat.