Friday, August 30, 2013

hair chalking

audrey has been wanting to try hair chalking forever and we didnt get it done this summer. so for her birthday weekend i decided we could try it. it worked ok with her hair, its pretty tedious and mine didnt really turn out. she also got her hair straightened in the process, thats what you do at the end to get the color to set. im alittle skeptical as to how long it will last. we will see.
 audrey wanted pink and red.
 i tried blue and green.

decorating for a party

 i love window clings. (above)
i decorated today for audrey's birthday party. when she got home from school she was super excited.

im a bzzagent

i got my first snack pack from bzzagent. basically they send you a package with products and you have to talk about it on facebook, do reviews and get pictures of your family with the product. our first snack pack was from quaker oats. i was super excited because i already knew that we enjoyed some of their stuff. we got a full box of oat squares cereal (one of my favorites), cheddar rice cakes (these were so good), real medley bars (these were good but we were sad they only come 5 to a box), and oatmeal peanut butter cookies (good crunchy cookies with awesome peanut butter chips inside).
so yeah we loved it and hope that we get picked to try out many more products, toys would be awesome as well as food.

my sleeping boy

so normally i would NEVER take a picture of my sleeping child but on this day i had to get him up to pick up his sister at school. so i took the opportunity and snapped a picture.

Monday, August 26, 2013

getting ready for the first day of school

to get ready for the first day we needed to try on our backpacks.
 made audrey a new dress.
 added a stuffed heart to audrey's backpack so she will always know i love her.
 and added a truck to miles backpack, just because.

its the first day of school around here

its the first day of school for both my kids and im doing ok. im so thankful that i have a moms in prayer group to go to this morning to start this year and every week off right, in prayer for our kids and their schools.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

the carousel, one more time

we went to the carousel again today. it is probably the last time the kids will go before school starts. they loved it of course. look at those cute faces.
we also went to the story time at barnes and noble. the lady was reading wacky wednesday by dr. seuss. i had never her of this book before but it was super fun.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

i finished my dot pants

yeah, their done and i even washed them and they still look good.

Monday, August 19, 2013

another park

well, we're down to the line, one week until both my children head off to school. im excited and sad all at the same time. but until next week we are trying to have FUN. today we went to another new park. it was fun but not exceptional (it was not shaded) but it did have a pond.

2 passports

audrey had 2 passports this summer. one was a devotional that taught kids about countries around the world and how to pray for them (we got it in the magazine thriving family, which is a wonderful magazine).

her second passport was one that i made for her. i wanted to try some different parks in our city and i decided to make a passport where she could stamp each one she'd been to. i think i enjoyed the passport more than she did but she did enjoy going to new parks, especially the spray parks.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

BIG boy bed

miles is in a real bed now, a twin bed and its kind of high. but this boy loves his new bed, i think he feels like big stuff.

fancy drinks

audrey and i had fancy drinks last weekend. it was a blueberry smoothie that didnt turn out as yummy as we wanted. but the decoration on the glass was pretty. we painted the top edge with honey and then dipped the glasses in sprinkles. and audrey loved it. i had to tell her to stop licking her glass.

Friday, August 9, 2013

girl day

we had a fun girl day today. we swam, played dress up and made fruit pizza.
the fruit pizza was awesome (here is the recipe: and not to hard to make. we skipped the apricot preserves and let the girls decorate their own pizzas with the fruits of their choice. then my daughter suggested we melt some chocolate for it, she is brilliant.
thanks to nicole for helping me and making this such a fun playdate.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

carousel again

today it was just me and the guys, audrey spent the night with my parents.
so we went to the carousel and jake got to ride with miles. he loved it!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

i love sno-cones

i love that we have a sno-cone machine. hurray for watermelon sno-cones!
and i finished replacing the oven's baking element. and it works. hurray!

just playing at the park

earlier this week we played at the park and the kids worked on their climbing skills.
i was never afraid of heights as a kid, but now as a mom my stomach gets that fearful fluttering feeling whenever my kids are climbing.

Friday, August 2, 2013

pudding paint

we did pudding paint again. audrey was feeling a bit under the weather the other day so we needed fun but calm activities. so i busted out the vanilla pudding cups. i let her choose 2 colors and then i divided a cup of pudding into 2 and put in food coloring and then let her go to town on scrap paper. she loved it.
miles on the other hand did not know why mommy was encouraging him to be so messy. maybe we need to work on that some more before school starts.
here's the pics:

i love lowes build and grow

i love that lowes has their free children's build and grow program. i wish that they had it when i was a kid but since they didnt i will just have to enjoy all the things audrey makes with her daddy.
last week it was rc from toy story.

2 projects in progress

i have 2 projects in process.
1. replacing the baking element in our stove. i love the feeling that i get out of accomplishing little repairs like this myself.
here is the old broken element. (i know - i need to clean the bottom of my oven.)
2. making polka dot jeans. i love polka dots and i hope these turn out really cute. im almost done and then i want to wash them to see how they look after being washed before i wear them.