Saturday, March 19, 2011

a fun day outside

since it was so nice outside today and my allergies seem to finally be settling down i played outside with audrey. it helped that my husband was home and could watch miles inside.
audrey got to ride her big wheel. i should have taken a picture. she loves to wear her hello kitty helmet when she rides. its pretty funny.
then we went to the back yard and i made some dandelion crowns and a necklace for audrey.i let audrey take a picture of me. its her first one and i think she did a pretty good job.then audrey and i made a fairy house against the tree. i saw the idea in an issue of the best magazine ever, family fun.

following in her mom's footsteps

audrey is following in some of my footsteps. she loves to craft. here is a house that she made for the kitties. and look she even got a curious one to go inside.

rainbow toast and pudding paint

now that im a stay at home mom i have been trying to do some fun stuff with audrey. while volunteering at her preschool i saw the 3 year old class making thisrainbow toast. i knew audrey would love it so we made some at home. its just toast that you butter and then put sprinkles on. friend reminded me of another craft idea from audrey's school - pudding paint. i just took some vanilla pudding, divided it into 3 blobs on a paper plate and made red, yellow and blue with food coloring. then i let audrey go wild. she loved it. she also loved that i let her lick her fingers all throughout the craft. later we had some leftover gingersnaps that i let her "frost" with the remaining vanilla pudding with pink food coloring. she loved that too.

gifts for other kids

i made some pjs for my friend's son. i didnt have a pattern so i took some old ones that were falling apart at the seams and made the pattern from them. it worked great. and the little boy loved them, he ended up wearing them for the rest of his party. :)then i made a onesie for a friend's baby. she loves the band stryper so i dyed the onesie yellow and then added the logo by using printable iron on paper.

altering some clothes

i have been altering some of audrey's clothes. she is tall for her age so i added some ruffles to one of her cute dresses. i also added a flower to hide the eagle on the left side. i think it turned out pretty cute.

snow days

so in a very unusual winter this year we ended up having 4 snow days in a row and then less than a week later another snow day. audrey and i made a snow baby (the snow was not good for packing) and some snow ice cream. it was great is our snow in the bowl waiting to be made into snow ice cream.
and here is audrey enjoying her snow ice cream.

hearts for valentines day

this february i made heart garlands and little heart door hangers with a pocket for love notes. i love that miles has the most love notes. audrey made sure he had one from her.

flowered headbands

i made audrey and i some flowered headbands. they are lots of fun to make and you get to burn and melt the fabric. (i found the idea on the make it and love it blog. thats a fun one if you need good ideas to make cute stuff.)

miles in his baby legs

baby legs are so easy and fun to make, and they look so cute on chubby baby legs.

halloween 2010

every halloween i have tried to make costumes for audrey. so this year when she asked to be the little mermaid i thought it would be adorable if miles was flounder.

i need to make my kids

i need to figure out how to make these for my kids. sock monkey hats, so cute.

i made a diaper cake

i made a diaper cake for my friend, rachel.
it turned out looking pretty nice, but it was HARD. i probably wont attempt that again.
i put a soft doll for her daughter on top. i love babies with their first dolls. its so cute.

in september i tried

i have seen so many cool variations of tshirts with petals on them or other designs. so in september i tried doing it. mine didnt turn out as nice as i wanted but here is the ruffled one. i guess i havent even bothered to take a picture of the petal one, that shows you how much i like it.

tie onesies

i made some cute tie onesies for my precious boy. i love how they make him look so distinguished. :) that reminds me, i need to make some that will fit him this summer.

i'm miles behind

i totally didn't mean for that to be a pun but i guess the reason i am behind is because of miles.
im going to be posting some fun stuff that audrey and i have been doing lately, plus some crafting i have done. enjoy.