Friday, January 30, 2009

reusable baby wipes

these are the reusable wipes that i make. how do you think i did on the packaging? i think super cute.

my friend is buying these for a friend of hers who is having a baby. what a great gift?!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 about me...

i was tagged and so im doing it.
1. the only surgery i have ever had was when i was a few weeks old. i didnt even have to have stitches they just taped me up.
2. i threw a rock at my brother when we were younger and it hit him in the main artery in his head. he lost alot of blood. who knew i had such great aim.
3. i used to make things out of cardboard when i was little. i made a my little pony seahorse out of cardboard and then taped sandwich baggies around it to make it waterproof.
4. i had an awesome playhouse growing up. it had windows and a real door and even a roof with shingles. and they had to take our fence down to get it into the backyard. yeah for hand-me-downs.
5. my dad, brother and i made a fort when i was about 10 years old. it even had a trapdoor.
6. when i was 12 i was at my youngest brother's birth and it didnt traumatize me. in fact, i think my mom made childbirth look to easy.
7. i am a missionary kid but i have never been out of the country.
8. i have worked in most positions (janitor, dining hall, switchboard, bookstore, mailroom, childcare, dorm cleaner, secretary, welcome desk receptionist) at my current workplace.
9. my best friend in junior high is still one of my really close friends.
10. in college i made a skip chart so i would know how many days i could skip each class.
11. i dont remember my junior year in high school. it must have been awful becuz i blocked it out.
12. i was homeschooled for 2 months of my freshmen high school year. i would tell people that i didnt go to school. my mom was afraid the police would come and we couldnt go outside during school hours.
13. my friends and i used to have tuesday night party nights. we would normally go to a theatre and see a late movie. it was great becuz alot of times we were the only ones there.
14. my friends and i used to sit on a rooftop until all hours of the night talking. thats where i got to know my husband.
15. i was in a band called the dumptrucks. i played bass guitar and was learning at the time. we were not very good but we had some great friends who came to see us.
16. band practices were crazy and fun. we didnt practice much, mostly we learned to skateboard, learned to jump and skid over a table, ate lots of mocha espresso chunk ice cream and candy.
17. my friends and i formed the wallis family mafia which booked shows at our church. we had lots of fun times with that and made some good friends.
18. i took the class art appreciation/history 3 times in college. it was an easy good grade.
19. i used to dye my hair black and i miss it.
20. i love that my daughter is silly and has a sense of humor.
21. i get alittle crazy and excited looking at crafting blogs. so many crafts and no time will do that to ya.
22. i sometimes wish that i could dress in vintage clothes all the time (like the character chuck in pushing daisies - i would kill for her costumes).
23. i hope that audrey likes to dress in costumes. if i had the time she would wear one everyday. and maybe i would too. :)
24. i love that my husband is just the sort of person i need. thanx God.
25. i love Jesus with all my heart, mind and soul. He's my best friend and has done more than i could ever ask or imagine in my life already.

Friday, January 23, 2009

birthday sushi...

for my husband's birthday last night i made sushi. the rice vinegar was alittle bit overpowering but other than that it turned out pretty good. and it wasnt too hard, just messy. rice was everywhere. im glad that i finally got to use the sushi maker i got for jake for christmas a few years ago.

with christmas money...

i got an adjustable dress form and im so EXCITED!
now i just need to find the time to use it.

hopefully in the near future i will be able to finish some dresses for myself. and make some new stuff.

waste less...

ive been thinking alot about how wasteful i am. so i have been looking at things in a different light. i think that God wants us to be good stewards of all that He gives us. so thats what i am trying to do.
heres what im doing to be less wasteful:
reusable baby wipes
cloth napkins
using both sides of the paper for notes or phone messages (and not just throwing it in the recycle bin after one side is used)
handkerchiefs (i have not stopped using tissue yet, but im considering it, especially since my nose is bright red right now from blowing it so often, cloth tissues might be much softer)
making old tshirts destined for the trash into cute stuffed animals
using plastic containers for my sandwich instead of baggies
buying reusable grocery sacks at kroger
using a lunchbag instead of reused plastic grocery bags
when planning my month menu look at meals that can reuse the leftovers (like making spaghetti one night and then spaghetti pie with the extra noodles and sauce another night)
doing things more slowly and carefully to take care of the things that i do have

i have also been reading a blog: tiny some of the stuff is way out there but the other stuff really makes you think. so go out there and reduce, reuse and recycle and be a good steward of what God has given you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


i am wanting to make so much this year.
heres a partial list of what i have made and what i want to make (pretend like you care):

1. reusable, flannel baby wipes (you may be thinking - gross, why would you want to make those? but once you have used them and washed them - which isnt that hard, you will never want to use disposable again
2. quilt for audrey's big girl bed
3. purse for me
4. purse for audrey
5. stick horse for you know who
6. christmas aprons (yes, i said christmas aprons, not for next christmas, im still alittle behind)
7. a late birthday gift - apron and chef's hat
8. knit alot of bear hats and maybe matching mittens
9. pouch or ring slings or possibly both, my friend is starting a resale shop and wants to sell them, thanx misty
10. pillowcase dresses (well not really pillowcase dresses but i will be using cool pillowcases as the fabric
11. baby doll clothes and accessories
12. finish my dot dress (it has been sitting in the closet waiting to be finished at least 2 years)
13. finish my oriental dress (also in the closet, but this one has been waiting about 5 years)
14. sock and glove animals, also other cute animals and dolls i have found patterns for

i think thats enough for now. i should get working.

the new year...

yeah, yeah, its been forever since i posted something. but ive been busy, mostly watching tv and cuddling with my husband but thats important too.
so its the new year and i have been thinking alot about what i really want my resolutions to be. here goes:

1. waste less food while making healthy meals for my family (basically this one has to do with not letting the leftovers go bad before we can eat them)

2. really get into the moment while im playing with audrey (in 10 years i wont regret not vaccuuming one day but i would regret not getting outside and enjoying the sunshine with her)

3. when someone talks to me about a problem to pray about it with them, right then and there