Saturday, October 31, 2015

miles the pirate

miles is really into pirates these days, well the veggie tales ones.
he loves the veggie tales the pirates who dont do anything movie.
while watching the movie he needs to have his pirate sword and then i ran and got a bandana to complete the getup. he was so happy.

ft worth science museum

 the school where my children go had a free museum night. well we were unable to go that night but they handed out coupons for free admission. so this summer we went, on the expiration date of the coupon, but we went none the less.
miles loved these water guns where you shot at paddles to make them spin.
audrey also had fun. here they are hitting tubes to make a song. we also got to see dinosaur bones, do alot of playing in the children's area, learn about oil drilling, and the old west.

doctor miles

 doctoring audrey the chef.
writing out a prescription.

miles' birthday

we have a 5 year old now (i'm still blogging retroactively).
miles is as active as ever, still loves to read, play with cars and dinosaurs and super heroes, watch veggie tales, and he loves donuts.

Monday, October 19, 2015

last day of school

we were sad to be done with the ppcd program at miles' school. he had some excellent teachers and aides that helped him tremendously.
 here he is receiving his award.

 miles with one of his "girlfriends". this was the aide that he had for both years. she was so sweet.

here is audrey with her teacher and then miles wanted a picture with her too (she crouched down next to him so he crouched too. what a goober!!)

their sign says "last day of school".

audrey made necklaces

audrey made some necklaces and i think she did a great job. i really like the color combinations that she did. these pictures only show a few that she has done.

we went on a trip this summer


shortly after school was out for the summer we loaded up in gramps' van and headed to birmingham alabama for jake's cousin's wedding. we took 2 days to get there and the kids did great. the wedding was beautiful and we were able to have some good time with jake's family. then we came home in 1 day. it was a short trip but a good one.

here is miles trying out his bed at the hotel. just kidding we brought sleeping bags for him to sleep on. although he probably would have done better in the drawer. :)
 at the mississippi  riveer visitor center

 miles dancing with sarah at the wedding reception. that boy loves to dance.

i made some stuff (in may and june)

 mermaids for my friend and her daughters (also for me and audrey)
 a wooden embroidered pendant for a friend's birthday (i love how it turned out and it was also lots of fun to do)
 earrings with beads and birds
 necklace with turquoise beads and a feather charm
 yoda hat
fox hat for my friend who recently had a baby

frog dance

miles did a frog dance at his school (back in may). he did the jumps, heel taps and spins right with the timing. he was too cute.

painting olaf

for christmas audrey received a gift certificate to U Can Paint. she chose to paint "spring olaf". she enjoyed it but didnt like having to wait in between steps. here she is with her beautiful artwork. she even won a gift certificate for next time.