Monday, April 27, 2009

we planted...

a friend from work helped me plant my flower bed in front. she knows all about what grows the best in our climate. so now we have plants that will bloom and be beautiful.
my mom and brother also came and helped. and of course audrey helped alittle.

a summer cottage...

i made a little summer cottage for the peg dolls im going to make audrey. i had so much fun making this.

summer dresses...

i made some summer dresses out of some pillowcases i found. i even had enough fabric to do some matching ones for her baby doll. cute huh?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

busy making stuff...

i made audrey an easter dress. it turned out alittle different than i had pictured. and she ended up being sick on easter. i will do easter pictures sometime soon (something with bunny ears, umbrella, and rain boots) but for now here is a picture of the dress or part of it.

and this weekend i decided to make audrey a purse. i had seen this idea on someone else's craft blog and i thought it was adorable so i made audrey one. and she loves it, she has been carrying it around for the last 2 days. it makes me so happy when she likes the stuff that i have spent hours on for her.

and what do you do when you have a peacoat with no hood. you add one from an old hoodie. i just cut the hood off the hoodie, serged the end and added some buttonholes. on the peacoat i just had to sew on some buttons. yeah, now i have a detachable hood.

Monday, April 6, 2009

a new car ...

well we got a new (new to us) car for me. its a 2006 silver scion xb. and yeah it looks like a toaster on wheels but i got to say, i really like it.
God provided for us to be able to get it and trade my car in to the same dealer. oh it feels good to be rid of that corolla. good bye to bad rubbish.