Thursday, September 24, 2009

i made this for my friend

here is a tutu i made for my friend's daughter. i made this hat and apron set for her daughter.
and here are the baby legs in action that i made for her youngest.

Monday, September 14, 2009

those sock monkeys

here are the sock monkeys that i will be mailing to the lady with
i pray that they will cheer up the kids that receive them.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

and now for the stuff ive made lately

ive been making things. i finally tried making some baby legs. they are probably too short but i think they are so cute.
i made a sock monkey for audrey. i needed to try it out since i am making 2 for to give to some kids that have been burn victims. (i will add those to another post becuz they are not quite done) you gotta love the "cheese" picture.
and i made a ring sling. i have an awesome friend who keeps me busy making ring slings and here is another one.
and the last picture is just of audrey before we went out and played in the rain yesterday. i thought she looked so cute and grown up with her hands in her pockets.

audrey's 3rd birthday

for audrey's third birthday we did another family party. we went to the mall and rode the carousel. i think audrey rode at least 15 times with various family members and loved every minute.
my husband and i made the cupcakes to look like the carousel and i made her a little top and short outfit with carousel horses for the party. enjoy the pictures. oh yeah, i made her hair bow too.

were going to the zoo

my sister in law won some tickets to the zoo and invited us to go with her. audrey enjoyed herself quite a bit. heres some pictures. they are mostly just of audrey and various family members but random animal pictures can get boring.

girl's trip

so i have been wanting to blog about the girls trip that audrey and i went on with my mom to see my best friend from junior high and her mom and 2 daughters in oklahoma but how can you describe such a fun, relaxing time. so heres some pictures.