Friday, February 28, 2014

audrey has been busy

audrey has been busy these last few weeks.
last friday she had a piece of her artwork displayed at the local art museum. i was so proud that she has some artistic ability.
the cat collage is audrey's work. sorry for the bad picture. gramps had to hold her up because it was very high.
and audrey and jake have been going to the build and grow workshops at lowes again. audrey has made a claw game and a love letter holder. i love that they can do that together.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

pretzel glasses

he came up with this all on his own. he took off his glasses and tried to put these on. what a cute, smart boy.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

that ding dong doggy

thats what i call pepper when she is acting like a dog, ding dong doggy.
 those short stubby legs get me every time. she truly does look like God put her together with spare parts. :)

a few pinterest recipes

ive been making a few pinterest recipes and for the most part they have been good. i have made white chicken enchiladas
(i replaced the sour cream with cream cheese like my friend suggested). they were delicious and a hit with the family.
White Chicken Enchiladas  my friend made these and substituted cream cheese for sour cream. sounds yummy.
i made baked fried pickles
they turned out ok. i may have not cooked them long enough to get really crispy.
Why fry a pickle when you can bake it and get an even better taste with less fat?
i made meat candy (seriously this was so yummy and sweet and spicy it was like candy)
i mean, i guess you cant go wrong with putting garlic and chili powder on chicken and then wrapping it with bacon and then rolling that in brown sugar.
heres a picture to get your mouth watering.
and i have made mini tortilla pizzas
they were good but not great to me. i would rather have french bread pizza, but im definitely a thick crust girl because i love that doughy crust.
Mini Tortilla Crust Pizzas -- Kids would love to make these!
and now i encourage you to stop just pinning recipes but start trying them out. you may find a new favorite.

kids and pepper

the kids are still enjoying pepper. here are some pictures for proof:
 miles later put the phone to pepper's ear but i couldnt get a picture.
audrey loves to cuddle with this puppy dog.

miles reads to green lantern

this morning miles was reading to green lantern. every once in awhile he would look at green lantern to make sure he was still listening. it was adorable.

Monday, February 3, 2014

i won

i won something from chick fil a. they are asking questions on facebook and i had the closest answer. yeah!! i won a plush cow and a free milkshake. my question was: what is the record for how many cars served in an hour period? i answered 138 and the record is 140.