Saturday, November 26, 2011

just a few things im thankful for

im most thankful that no matter what I have HOPE in Jesus and that His promises will always come true.

im thankful for God's provision for my family as i started the adventure of being a stay-at-home mom this year.
im thankful that i get more time with my kids. more time with audrey before she goes to school next fall. more time to help miles with his development.
im thankful for every new milestone that miles hits. he is such a miracle baby and i love the JOY that he exudes.
im thankful for my husband of 10 years and many more to come.
and im thankful that i can sew.

so that's just a few.

yummy snack

i got this idea from my mom's cousin, mavis. thanks mavis, this is such a delicious idea.
it's just buttered toast with a red bartlet pear cut on top.

thanksgiving projects

my audrey and i had 2 projects to do this thanksgiving. we made rice crispie turkey pops and toilet paper tube turkey placecards.
the turkey pops were less turkey pops when we made them because i didnt have anything to put the sticks for the chocolate to dry. so we just did them flat. but they still turned out cute and were, of course, delicious.while making the toilet paper tube turkey placecards audrey said it was the funnest craft she had done. so i say it was a success.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

audrey singing the song from their feast

this is the song the "pilgrims" (4 and 5 year olds) sing to the "indians" (3 year olds) when they start their feast. i guess audrey starts over because she messed up a bit and then decided not to finish.

thanksgiving feast

this was audrey's last year to do her thanksgiving feast at work. she has loved these every year. i am very thankful to all her teachers and the director at childcare for making the feast so special for all the kids.
and i even got to be a part of it this year since it happened on the day i volunteer.

more stuff ive made from pinterest

i have made myself some scarfs and a shirt with an attached scarf all from ideas i have found on pinterest. i even made a hoodie into a cardigan and i love it even more now.
thanks pinterest.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

cookie idea from pinterest

audrey and i needed to make some christmas cookies for our mommy group christmas party. so i of course wanted to try something that i saw on pinterest. they used sugar cookies and pressed m and m's to make designs. we used chocolate chip cookies (they didnt have any sugar cookie dough when i went to the store) and used m and m's but apparently our cookies were too small for their tree design so we improvised. i think they still turned out cute and tasted great. audrey really enjoyed the decorating process too, she told me that she loved me in the middle of it. i need to cook with her more since she loves it so much.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

budding artists

we did pudding paint again and this time miles got to participate. and he LOVED it!!
enjoy the pictures.

2 kids, 1 basket

why is it so fun to play in a laundry basket? my kids had a great time sitting in it and throwing balls in and out and taking little rides today. so if you need to find something to keep your kids busy, try an empty laundry basket.

my husband the pretzel maker and kitty wrangler

my husband made some awesome pretzels the other night. it was fun to watch him concentrate on getting them the right shape. they were pretty good but the dough just reminded me of biscuits. later he wrangled our cats up for bedtime.

one piece dressing

whoever came up with the one piece suits for little kids is a genius. i love them. you just put on one thing and they have their long sleeve shirt and pants done (or if its summer - tshirt and shorts). no matching, no tummy sticking out.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

audrey the photographer

audrey got a camera from her aunt for her birthday. and audrey is LOVING taking pictures of anything she wants with it. i took alittle while for her to slow down enough to ensure a blurry picture but i would say overall she is doing well.
here are some of the good ones:

this is halloween

here are the costumes i made for the kids:
audrey - rapunzel
miles - pascal (rapunzel's friend the chameleon from tangled)
we had a festival at our church with games, trunk or treat, pony rides, petting zoo and free food. audrey really enjoyed it this year and i am so thankful my parents could come and help me since jake worked the registration table. miles just chilled in his stroller the whole night. he's such a trooper. here's the pictures.