Friday, September 5, 2014

super student

miles received the super student award in his class for the first week of school. his teacher (who also had him last year) is so impressed with the progress he made over the summer. this boy is doing well with his colors, shapes and numbers. we are so proud of our super cute, getting smarter every day boy.

first day of school

yeah, we are back in school. the kids are loving it and loving their teachers.

Audrey's birthday

can my audrey really be 8? no way!
our little girl turned 8 this week. she is such a great big sister, always ready to help. she is also loving to read and as her mom and dad who love to read we are really enjoying that. we are thankful to God for all He has done for our audrey and that He will always be with her.
our families celebrated audrey with a frozen/dog themed party for her 8th. she wanted strawberry cake balls with blue icing and they turned out awesome, i used a from scratch strawberry cake recipe from pinterest and blue candy melts.

 i love that she was so excited about getting books

 her face on this is priceless

13th anniversary

jake and i celebrated our 13th anniversary this year. wow, we've been married a long time, but its been good and im thankful for such a great husband. to celebrate we did some touristy stuff - rode the tre (public transportation, but we think its fun because we never get to do it) to reunion tower.

we had dinner at marianos mexican restaurant (it was great) and dessert at the cheesecake factory.
thanks mom and dad and joel for watching our crazy children so we could enjoy the day together.

what a crazy, busy summer

i wasnt as prepared for keeping the kids busy this summer but it turned out i didnt need to be.
we kept plenty busy with library and other reading logs, swimming lessons for audrey, walks with pepper potts (and getting her used to walking with a stroller, she is still working on that one), art camp and vbs for audrey, free slurpee day, cow appreciation day at chick fil a (we got free breakfast and dinner this year), a new train set for miles, pretending to be dinosaurs (miles is loving dinosaurs right now), road trip to waco to visit friends, their new baby and a childrens museum, marvel day at barnes and noble (audrey dressed as invisible woman, she pretty much came up with the costume herself), swimming at my sister-in-law's apartment pool, and "camping" in the backyard (i just set up the tent one day and they played out there, there was no sleeping in our backyard since it is hot in texas in the summer).
 art camp
 free slurpees
 swimming lessons, she loved the diving board
 thomas train track
 on our road trip
 dinosaur exhibit at the childrens museum, mayborn on baylor campus (if you have never been there you should go, its FUN!)

 forecasting the weather while miles ran around like a wild man because he could see himself on tv
 the cutest tv anchors
 2 miles, now that would be scary
audrey in a bubble
 invisible woman

 toasting "marshmallows" on our "campfire"

Miles' birthday

we had a wonderful time celebrating miles birthday. he turned 4 in june.
we are so thankful for his development and progress that he has made this year, especially verbally as he is saying more words all the time. we are also so thankful that miles has been so healthy. we know that God has his hand on our miles and is making him into just the little guy that he wants him to be.
for miles' party we did a car theme this year. audrey helped me make the car dessert. it was peanut butter bars with a candy bar attached on top with peanut butter, starlight mints for wheels and racing stripes with fruit by the foot. it was alot of fun to make and eat, although miles didnt eat his.

 miles really wanted to drive his car dessert but ended up enjoying his ritz crackers instead.
this boy loves hulk.

packing for our trip to VA

i kind of like challenging myself to do things as simple as possible. so i challenged myself to bring the least amount of clothing for our trip to VA. the key is to bring things that mix and match all together and wearing a pair of pants, one of the shirts, the scarf and cardigan on the plane.
here is what i took for our 5 day trip:
4 shirts (navy, black, gray, white bird)
2 pairs of pants (coral, purple)
1 pair of shorts
1 dress
1 light blue cardigan
1 multi colored scarf 
1 pair of gray chucks
1 pair of teal sandals
swim suit
jammies and other essentials (socks, undies, etc.)
thats it. and my family of 4 was able to pack all our clothing and stuff into only 2 carry on suitcases. and we had diapers and even managed to cram in the beach towels we ended up buying. it was awesome.
i dont have pictures of everything but you get the idea.

birthday freebies

did you know that you could get tons of free food for your birthday? this past year i had signed up for all the free food i could find on various websites. when my birthday came around i was swimming in coupons for free stuff, it was great!
here are the ones i used (i had more but i didnt have the time to get them all):
free steakburger with cheese and fries from steak and shake
free rooty tooty fresh and fruity from ihop
free cookie from chick fil a
free mocha lotta chill from cinnabun
buy 1 get 1 free pretzels at auntie annes
free cookie slice with purchase of soda from great american cookie company
free sub from firehouse subs (you just show them your id on your birthday to get the free sandwich)
free dessert at la madelines

our trip to VA beach

lets pretend like i didnt take a 3 month break from my blog.
in june, right after school was out, we went on a trip to virginia beach. my husband's grandfather turned 90 this year and we went to celebrate him. we flew, miles first time - he did good, and audrey's first time that she can remember (the last time we flew, also to VA beach, she was almost 2).
the trip went great. our hotel was good, the sleeping arrangements worked out beautifully (they gave us a rollout bed for miles and he slept on the couch with the rollout bed creating a barrier for him), and audrey got to make some good memories with great grandpa. it couldnt have gone better.
here are some pictures:

 the kids didnt like the beach. miles didnt like the water and got sand in his mouth. audrey didnt like that the waves were rough and she got salt water in her mouth. i enjoyed it, for the little bit of time i got to play in the ocean.