Monday, July 29, 2013

another spray park

can i just say that i LOVE spray parks. they are so good for the kids to play in and get wet. and they work so well for my son who doesnt always do so well in pools.
heres some pictures:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

movie at the art museum

we went to the art museum tonight to watch the great muppet caper. this is my favorite muppet movie. they had food trucks there and we ate our dinner out on the lawn waiting for the movie. audrey and i had some awesome ice cream cones. and then these clouds came over and it looked like it could possibly rain on us, but no this is texas, it wont rain on a july evening. and then it sprinkled, then rained alittle harder. but everyone stayed in place hoping that it wouldnt be too much rain to cancel the movie. then we heard thunder and saw alittle lightning. and they canceled the event. oh well. we had fun just sitting and eating and then getting ice cream. we will just have to watch the movie at home. here are some pictures:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

playing in the rain

hurray for rain in july!! miles and i played in the rain last week and enjoyed the cooler weather.
 miles in my boots.
i wish these pictures could show how filthy he got outside, that boy loves dirt and mud. he was thrown in the tub soon after them.

storytimes and the carousel

our local mall has a barnes and noble that does storytime. and guess what the storytime lady's name is: miss lindy. now this probably isnt a big deal to most people but i rarely ever find people with my same name. so i knew that i wanted to meet her. so today the kids and i went up and braved the mall (i hate the mall) to go to the storytime. the kids colored a sheet, listened to stories, saw the big costumed bear from build-a-bear, and then got to wait while mommy talked to another lindy. :)
we also rode the carousel today and found out a little known fact at our carousel. all special needs kids ride free (plus siblings if they are feeling generous). so we rode twice but we will definitely be back to ride some more now that we know this secret. and good thing that miles now likes the carousel, especially the lion.

dyed some more pants

i found some light khaki pants and dyed them yellow. they didnt turn out as bright as i would have liked but i think they turned out fine. yeah, now i have some more fun colored jeans.

yup, we went to cow appreciation day again

yes, cow appreciation day was awhile back but im just now getting to post about it. we ended up going twice - once for lunch and once for dinner. theres nothing like getting complete dinners for free.
and we continued a tradition, we had dinner with the same friends we had dinner with last year. it was fun and i hope we can do it again next year.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

national ice cream day

so apparently today is national ice cream day. what? you didnt know that. neither did i. but we spent it at the kimbell art museum for their blue bell free ice cream day.
we saw some short animated children's films, one was a philadelphia chickens music video. and then had free blue bell ice cream. it was a new flavor - brownie rockslide. it was delicious.
here is a picture of miles in his ice cream hat.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

still having fun this summer

were still having fun this summer. we have been to more parks and chick fil a family nights. and i am loving those desserts in a mug. here are some brownies we made. they are awesome.
 here is miles in a cute fire truck at a park.
and here is audrey with some ice cream at chick fil a, we actually got an extra cone because the worker accidentally made 2. i was so sad that i had to eat the extra one.

4th of july

we kept up our tradition of going to our city's 4th of july parade this year. but we got there early this year and we had camping chairs (thanks dad for finding us these). the parade was fun and the kids loved it. and we got to see gramps in the parade.
here is miles enjoying the parade. he was so cute waving his little flag.
 and here are some fun kabobs i made with strawberries, blueberries and star marshmallows from aldi. i actually got the idea to make them from their weekly ad. hurray for aldi.