Thursday, September 25, 2008

potty training or learning??

should it be called potty training or learning?
awhile back (i think in june) audrey started going in the potty at childcare. i think the whole social aspect of it appealed to her there since they have 3 potties in the kids bathroom. i wasnt really prepared for her to start this process since i havent really done any research on how to potty train my child. but i went to target and bought a little potty seat for home.
well, we do not have 3 potties and 2 extra toddlers at home so audrey wasnt really interested in doing anything at home. she would occasionally tell me that she needed to potty but nothing happened.
in the past week audrey has started waking up with a dry diaper in the morning. so i put her on the potty after getting her up and she goes. YEAH!! she is not very consistent yet but at least we are starting the process. and i get to save a few diapers in the long run.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

my eyes have been opened...

i have discovered the world of craft blogs and forums. i am not living up to my creative potential, i need to have 24 hours a day to create and craft. that would be the life.
the crafting blogs i have found are INCREDIBLE! and what some moms do to keep their children entertained and even to educate them astounds me.
here are some of the things that have inspired me to be more creative, especially as a mom: - i want to make the color book for audrey - i love the fall leaf mobile (too bad leaves dont change into brilliant colors in texas) - i really like the no sew tutu idea, that way your kid could help you
fortytworoads.blogspot - the cardboard doll furniture is awesome, i have to make some for audrey - not only does she have good ideas but every friday she posts links to other crafting blogs she got inspiration from
thriftydomestica.blogspot - awesome tshirt baby sling (i might have to make one of these, maybe one for audrey for her babies) - she has some fun ideas, i might make audrey the sushi toys - there is an interview about kids and the stages and development of drawing i found really interesting, and she did an awesome tree mural for her daughter's room - does anyone else remember tanangrams as a kid?
alldressedinblue.blogspot - shadow puppets, yarn cup, washer dial (genius), finger knitting
jojoebi.blogspot - car parking game
bitterbettyindustries.blogspot - gourd doll house (so cute)
babytoolkit.blogspot - some cute toddler ideas
flipflopsandapplesauce.blogspot - i need a toilet paper roll cuff - lots of fun stuff to make
littlebirdiesecrets.blogspot - lots of fun stuff to make - awesome educational crafts to do with your child, this mom is GREAT - i love the muffin tin snack ideas, and the stationery
amazingtrips.blogspot - read the camping story, i was laughing so hard
mayamade.blogspot - awesome table and chairs
myotherroom.blogspot - cardboard doll house (if you were wondering, yes audrey will have tons of dollhouses or various materials and shapes)
uklassinus.blogspot - fabric dollhouse
orangeflowerpatterns.blogspot - fabric basket

that should keep you busy. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

still in a fog...

i hate being sick, especially now that i am a mom.
i had a cold or allergies or a sinus infection this weekend with a fever. i felt so bad on sunday i decided to take a zyrtec (or the generic equivalent of it). that stuff always puts me in a fog.
jake was great through it all, taking care of audrey and even getting her out of the house some. and audrey was good too. she kept wanting to kiss me since i was sick, how sweet, but not something she should be doing to someone who is sick. audrey even slept in for me yesterday since we stayed home from work. so i was able to get some extra sleep. thank you God.
and now im back at work today and still alittle foggy. hopefully i wont screw anything up or just pass out at my desk from being exhausted.

Friday, September 5, 2008

audrey's birthday part 1

audrey's birthday party with my family went very well. the doggie cupcakes were somewhat of a challenge to create but they still turned out cute (well not the sea monster ones). and audrey loved them (as you can see in the pictures below).

here are some good pictures of the dress, shorts and matching bows i made for audrey's party.

audrey got some fun gifts.

does anyone else remember how fun big wheels are?

audrey's 2nd birthday party will be with jake's family once his mom is doing better. please pray that God would heal her body. so stay tuned for stories of that party.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

making stuff...

have you ever had the desire to make stuff and try to sell it?
i have, too many times for me to remember. even when i was younger i had this thought. and my neighbor friend amy and i made posters about how boys were dumb and tried to sell them around the neighborhood. i think we made about $2 each. thats not too bad when you are in the 4th grade.
right now i'm wondering if i should make hats and mittens. oh, they would be so cute. but would people buy them? and do i want to try to deal with selling things. etsy would probably be a good place to start. i did some research and found out no one is really selling what im thinking of selling, at least not as cute as mine would be.
theres also the hassle of trying to figure out what you should charge for your item. how much is my time worth?
so yeah, thats what i'm pondering at the moment.