Tuesday, January 28, 2014

making valentines more meaningful


i heard them talk about this valentines day resource today on Family Life. it is hearts that you hang on a garland and they each have one of the attributes of love from 1 corinthians 13 for a devotional for the family. it sounds awesome and above is the link to buy the resource.
i will however not be buying the resource but making it myself in my own way. since i have younger children i i will write one attribute on each heart (example: love is .... not rude) and then we will talk about what that means at dinner and how we can show love in that way to others. this will be a good way for us to think about love for valentines day. and instead of a garland i think we will just tape them to the windows by the table.

having a dog

oh, having a dog (puppy) can be alot of work. i have had cats all my adult married life up until now and they are so low maintenance, theyre great.
but dogs can be great too. sure you have to let them outside all the time to do their business, take them on walks to get rid of some of their energy, bathe them (cats bathe themselves, thats so awesome), love and give them a whole ton more attention than our cats ever needed, be careful where you lay any food item or anything that could be perceived as a food item (to a dog), and somewhat "baby" proof your home so they arent chewing on cords or picking up and eating things you wanted to keep (like shoes, toys, water bills, etc.).
i can get irritated that having a puppy can be like having another toddler in the house but then one of the kids lays by pepper potts on the floor and hugs her and they cuddle for awhile. then i remember its worth it. here are some pictures to show how the kids are LOVING having a dog.

heart wreath

i have been wanting to make a valentines day wreath for awhile and i pinned one on pinterest that i was going to make. but then i saw a heart one covered in multi-colored yarn at target and i knew what i was going to do.
so here is my wreath. i made it with pipe insulation tubing from lowes with a wire hanger inserted to give and keep its shape. then i just wound yarn around and around and around and around ... til i got to the end and tied it off and then hid the end. i attached some ribbon and then hung it from our door. i love it!

cookie cake

i made a cookie cake for my husband for his birthday.

i found the recipe on pinterest. i dont think it turned out spectacular and it was kind of hard to make so i dont think ill be doing it again. dont you love my frosting job. i should be a professional, eh?!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

oh that new dog

well the kids are back at school and its just me and our new baby at the house, pepper pots. im learning new things with this dog, things i never realized being a kid growing up with a dog. things like: its not fun to walk a dog on trash day. oh well, she will learn to heel and walk better on the leash.

Monday, January 6, 2014

perot museum of nature and science

we were able to score some free tickets to the perot museum of nature and science on new years eve. it was a fun museum but sometimes alittle over our children's heads. and i have to say, i hate all the computer games they have with the displays. my daughter just wants to play those and doesnt even look at the cool exhibits (i hate them at the zoo too, just look at the cool animals). heres some pictures.
 miles loved pushing those buttons.
 miles and a dinosaur footprint. these kind of museums (except for the kid area) are horrible if you have an active toddler, can you see the death grip i have on his hand. im sure miles would have shimmied right up that dinosaur skeleton if i would have let go of his hand.
 audrey and i getting ready to race a cheetah. it was lots of fun even though the cheetah had pretty much finished by the time we started.
 audrey running in front of a screen that showed her image.
audrey playing the xylophone at the front of the museum.

ninja turtles

i made some hats for my husband, his brother and my little dude.
i was inspired by pinterest.