Thursday, October 31, 2013

dress like a book character day

at my kids school they let the kids dress up but they try and have them dress like book characters. so audrey was belle from beauty and the beast and miles was harry potter. (when miles wore the shirt before - i know you cant really see it in pictures but it has a fake tie and sweater vest like a prep school uniform - a kid asked if he was dressed as harry potter, so i went the easy route and thats who he was)

its already been a busy day

this is not a halloween post but we have had a busy day.
audrey had a pumpkin parade this morning. the kids get to decorate a pumpkin and then parade it around the school. (she did not want me taking her picture)
 and miles got to go on his first field trip with his class to the library (actually all of pre K-3 went).
 i think his favorite part was riding the bus.
they had a little story time for the kids and then they got a goody bag with a coloring sheet, bookmark and cute book. hurray!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

the pumpkin farm

we went to the pumpkin farm with both my brothers and my brother's wife. we had a great time.
enjoy the pictures.
 the cutest batman ever.
 he loved those little tractors.
 cool old truck
 in the straw house
 after these 4 finished the corn maze
 just our family (and some random people in the back photo bombing)
 jake had fun trying to get miles' face in the hole
 miles wanted to get those chickens
 what a pretty girl
 on the tractor

my leopard girl

Saturday, October 26, 2013

decorating a pumpkin

this is what audrey did this afternoon. that girl loves to be creative, and i love that she does.

Friday, October 25, 2013


miles studied spiders this week in his class.
i normally HATE spiders but i find miles as a spider adorable.

project goodwill

so last night i participated in project goodwill. i was given $100 to find whatever i wanted at goodwill and make it into a blue-carpet look. there were 7 designers that competed and 4 judges. all in all it was a fun experience and im glad i did it. but i was totally amazed at what some of the other designers came up with. one of the designers made a skirt from pattern pieces that she pleated and then her bodice was made out of leather boots. another designer used woven VHS tape (thats right she tore out the tape from old videos and wove it together) for some of her fabric, she also used part of a basketball for a hat and part of a suitcase for her dress.
my design was too safe and not as creative. i used a men's suit jacket for the bodice and bed sheets and a linen blanket for the skirt. i also made the matching clutch and a bracelet out of a bath mat.
my model was so great and so sweet. thank you sophie.
(if you want to see the other designs they should be posting them up on facebook soon - under "the goodwill guy fort worth")

Monday, October 21, 2013

maple bacon cupcakes

this weekend i made some maple bacon cupcakes. they were good but different. i found the recipe in family circle the same week that my sister in law mentioned that she had a maple and bacon doughnut and loved it so i thought that would be fun to make for her birthday.
the recipe calls for 2 sticks of butter in the cupcake batter and then another 2 sticks of butter for the frosting. plus you have pieces of bacon crumbled in there. yikes. no wonder they tasted good.


we went to a monarch butterfly release on saturday. it was in a botanical garden area and they had all sorts of crafts and activities for the kids. miles favorite activity was rearranging the leaves and keeping boppy on his toes as he chased after him. i think audrey liked her face painting the best. almost all the kids were getting butterflies but audrey got a puppy.
 one of the butterflies landed on miles back and he almost crushed it.
 i got the butterfly on my hand so miles could see it and try to touch it.
 the kids making some butterfly crafts. sometimes miles really enjoys coloring.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

reading together

i love that my kids love reading books.
audrey's arm around her brother just gets me. what could be more sweet?!

the friend party

we finally had audrey's friend birthday party, it was only a little over a month late but we had it and thats what matters. she invited just a few friends and they had great fun playing. i let it be pretty laid back this year because i am busy and you know what, i think it was audrey's best party yet.
 audrey helping decorate her own fairy cake
 there were 3 audreys at the party. :)
 they all loved just playing on the playset.
 the fairy hide out
 opening presents

Monday, October 7, 2013

fun day at calloway's nurseries

i heard that calloway's nurseries were having a free fun day for kids so we went after miles' nap. audrey was able to get a free pie pumpkin to decorate but most of the decorating materials were spent since we came later in the day. so she will decorate it later at home.
most of the activities and other craft areas were gone as they ran out of supplies. but they did have some cute places to take pictures and we enjoyed looking at the carnivorous plants.

playing sight word candyland

i saw this idea on pinterest and thought audrey would like it. i was right, she LOVES it! now i just need to get a harder word list because she has most of these down.
to make this i just printed out some of her sight words, cut them out and then taped them to the candyland cards. to play - when you draw a card you have to be able to read the word to move to the specified place. if you cant read the word you lose a turn.