Monday, January 28, 2013

keyboard jam session

this afternoon we had an impromptu keyboard jam session. (if you listen closely miles says doggie after the doggie noise)

Friday, January 25, 2013

good book about prayer

Every Child Needs Praying Mum  -     
        By: Fern Nichols, Janet Grant
this is a wonderful book on prayer and how to best pray for your kids. i love that fern nichols uses scripture to pray. i was not taught this way but i love it. you basically are using God's own words and God's words are powerful. for example: place your child's name in the blank, "Father, i praise you that you created _______. you made all the delicate, inner parts of his/her body and knit them together in my womb. thank you for making _______ so wonderfully complex! ..."
she also talks about the praying the four steps - starting with praise (you pick one of God's attributes and praise Him for it), then confession, then thankfulness and then intercession. i am using this more in my personal prayer life and i just love how it gets you really focusing on God from the very start and learning more about you from his attributes.
every mom should read this book. if you live near me let me know if you want to borrow it.

audrey reading to miles

 he was hamming it up for the camera.
 audrey wanted to hold his hand. not sure what miles is doing in the next picture.
 then the wrestling begins.

Monday, January 21, 2013

guess who's in a big boy bed??

about a week ago when my husband got up in the morning he heard a knocking coming from miles' room. when he opened the door it was toy/book/clothes (i hadnt gotten his laundry put away yet) chaos. miles had gotten out of his crib. i guess he didnt get hurt because i didnt hear anything on the monitor.
so the next day we converted his crib to a toddler bed, very reluctantly.
overall he is doing fantastic with the change. every once and awhile he has trouble staying in his bed but he's 2. what do we expect?!
heres some pictures:
what a cutie?! and heres a bonus with his sailor hat.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

kids style

this is what my daughter came out dressed in for church. normally i guide her to pick things that go together alittle bit nicer but today i didnt have the time. and it doesnt really matter. she was dressed modestly and she loved what she was wearing. its not worth fighting the battle.
gotta love all those stripes.

not a skinny jeans girl

i went to target and was just going to try on some of the new denizen skinny jeans. i had to see what the deal was with skinny jeans. one of the workers was in the area and pointed out that there was some of the exact same jeans in my size that were returned from online, this apparently makes them 75% off. so instead of $27.99 they were $7.06.
i tried them on and figuring that they were such a great deal i bought them. now i know that you should never buy something just because its such a great deal but i did it anyway. they looked good on me and i was happy with them.
i was going to wear them that very night. after about 1 hour in them and some pictures taken i decided that skinny jeans are not for me. im just not a skinny jeans girl.
 pay no attention to the toy chaos in the background.
ahh bootcuts, much better!

Friday, January 18, 2013

chatting on the phone

this is what miles did yesterday. and he stopped his car so that he wasnt distracted while talking. its never too early to use phones safely.

going camping

we played camping the other day. we had our card table tent, sleeping bags out and a roaring fire to roast paper marshmallows on.
oh yeah, we got alittle more snow along with a thunderstorm. it was weird.

audrey's zoo

audrey played zoo the other day and i was proud of all her creativity. we have played zoo before so she didnt completely come up with the idea on her own and i suggested making a map but all the other stuff was her ideas - especially the dogs having puppies while i visited the zoo. :)
heres some pictures: she did the sign with animal stuff on the letters
 heres the map. animals at the zoo: opossum, rabbit, snake, giraffes and dogs.
here is the zookeeper that met me at the door.
 before puppies were born
 after puppies were born
the zookeeper with her one slipper. there was a mild tragedy that happened before the zoo opened, the spilling of hot cocoa on the other slipper.

Friday, January 11, 2013

have you heard of Moms in Prayer International?

do you want to pray for your children and the schools that they attend? 
i recently joined Moms in Prayer International because i wanted to do 
just that. prayer can change things and is vitally important. please 
check out their website ( 
and join a Moms in Prayer group. its one of the best things you 
can do for your children.

miles eating progress

miles is continuing to make progress on his eating.
here is a picture of him holding a banana and eating it like a normal person (yeah, i dont have to mash them up anymore!!).
he is also sometimes eating turkey lunchmeat sandwiches. hurray!

sparkle box

we did something new this year for christmas, the sparkle box ( i heard about it on kcbi and really liked the idea. basically what you do is nicely wrap a box as your present for Jesus. since we are celebrating His birthday for christmas He gets the first gift. In the box you place notes of things you did for others where you were honoring God and showing Jesus' love. we read the verses in matthew 25:35-40 where Jesus talks about what you did for the hungry, thirsty, naked, etc. you did for Him. and then we read the notes. i love how it is such a clear picture for kids of how we are giving Jesus a gift.
heres a picture of our box.

Monday, January 7, 2013

christmas break and the sickness that took us down

so we got the flu for christmas and it wiped us out for the whole 2 weeks my husband and daughter had off from school. we were able to get some family time in but it was definitely a different christmas, we just vegged out and watched tv the whole time, while someone had a fever.
here are some pictures of the festivities and the banana bread we made (i love that stuff).
 miles eating at the table like a big kid.
 an apron i made.
 miles really got into his presents this year, it was awesome.
 audrey loving her new markers.
 we had a white christmas but we didnt get to play in it.
miles wearing the mr. potato head glasses.
 audrey cuddling with harley (my sister in laws dog)
 miles all time favorite present. he loves the cozy coupe.
miles and i went to the zoo with some friends on christmas eve. heres an ocelot.