Friday, October 17, 2008

losing a loved one...

if you havent heard yet, my mother in law died on october 1.

it has been some of the longest weeks my family has ever lived through. but we are going to make it. thanx to all that prayed for us and are still praying. God has been faithful to help us and comfort us.

lynn was a very special woman. a great wife and mom and granny.

i wish audrey could have known her. but im planning on making a book about her that audrey can read and learn about her special granny when she gets older. im glad that i have some really good pictures of lynn and audrey. im sure that audrey will treasure those when she gets older.

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Spoons said...

I think making a book of her Granny is a great idea and I'm sure it'll be a special token for Audrey. I know you guys will do a great job telling Audrey about her and keeping her alive in spirit. We're praying for you guys!