Sunday, April 19, 2009

busy making stuff...

i made audrey an easter dress. it turned out alittle different than i had pictured. and she ended up being sick on easter. i will do easter pictures sometime soon (something with bunny ears, umbrella, and rain boots) but for now here is a picture of the dress or part of it.

and this weekend i decided to make audrey a purse. i had seen this idea on someone else's craft blog and i thought it was adorable so i made audrey one. and she loves it, she has been carrying it around for the last 2 days. it makes me so happy when she likes the stuff that i have spent hours on for her.

and what do you do when you have a peacoat with no hood. you add one from an old hoodie. i just cut the hood off the hoodie, serged the end and added some buttonholes. on the peacoat i just had to sew on some buttons. yeah, now i have a detachable hood.

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Spoons said...

Your so CRAFTY!!