Sunday, June 7, 2009

busy busy busy

we have been busy lately so i have not been posting but here are some things that i have made in the last month.

first a top that ended up being a failure. i tried to rework it and it just got worse. i hate when that happens. so i guess i will make it into a skirt for audrey or something later.
i made some baby doll diapers for audrey's babies. yeah, now i get to change her diapers and her babies. :)here is another summer dress that i made out of a pillowcase.

here is audrey's easter dress. im not sure if i like it. maybe its just too pink and poufy for me. the first picture is with the pinafore, the second without. i do like that i used an umbrella and galoshes.

and lastly a shirt that i made for a special birthday boy. guess what he loves.

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Spoons said...

You are just oh so talented!