Saturday, July 4, 2009

happy fourth of july

we went and watched the fireworks in a parking lot close to the highlands last night with my 2 brothers. it was fun and they had some pretty great fireworks.this morning we went to the parade. we have a pretty good shady spot that we found last year so that was nice. audrey loved it. its so much fun going to parades when you have a little kid.
and tonight we go to gramps house for hot dogs and hamburgers and to swim. what a great weekend.

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Vicki and Deans fun times said...

Glad you had a fun 4th. We were so tired after our trip we went to sleep early (8:00) and lots of fireworks woke us up @ 10:00 - are we old or what.

Loved the pictures - I looked at lots of them. Now I need to get Dean on when he wakes up - it's 6:30 am. He wanted to see train ride pictures now he can. Glad you got to go.

I'll check in every once in a while. Love and Prayers - Aunt Vicki