Wednesday, October 26, 2011

books im reading

one of my friends told me to read a series of books - the a.d. chronicles by bodie and brock thoene. i found them at my local library and im already on book number 6. at first look i was alittle skeptical from the cheesy artwork on the front. my husband and i even had a good laugh over it. i was also skeptical because some christian artists cant write and the only way they get books published is because they are christian.
but i have can honestly say these books are amazing!! and everyone should read them. they are set back in the time when Jesus was on the earth. the authors have skillfully fleshed out some of the characters from the various bible stories, for example: the man that was blind and Jesus made mud to heal his eyes or the boy that was demon possessed and had thrown himself in the fire. its funny how i have read those bible stories countless times but i have never thought about how those people had real lives before they met Jesus. these books make me want to dig in dipper to my bible.
i will have to admit you can predict some of whats coming because of knowing bible stories and sometimes you know that horrible things will happen but these books are still so great. go and read them!!

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