Saturday, April 21, 2012

kimbell art museum and the impressionists

i have been trying to figure out how i could go to the kimbell art museum to see the new impressionist exhibit, the age of impressionism: great french paintings from the clark well it just happened that this weekend they had a family festival and you could go see the exhibit, which is normally $14 a person, for FREE. so i packed up audrey, gave her the rules and tried to get her excited about the art museum.
it started off good. we watched a performance by the texas ballet theater school. audrey loved the ballerinas. then we headed off to see some paintings. audrey was not so excited about this but i tried to get her involved by asking her to tell me which ones she liked (turns out she didnt like many, or maybe she was just bored). we did get reprimanded because audrey almost touched a painting. i had it under control but the lady was alittle anal.
then we did an art activity which i enjoyed but was alittle hard for audrey and she lost it for a moment and started crying. after mopping up her face we went to see the impressionist exhibit. i knew that i couldnt linger and really look at stuff so i tried to move quickly and just stop at the paintings i really wanted to see. it was also quite crowded so that dampened my enthusiasm. but i got to see it. yeah!!
then we were off to the other 2 art activities and then home. all in all it was a fun mommy/daughter afternoon, and it was all FREE!

here are some pictures of audrey and i with our "art". audrey took the ones of me.

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