Sunday, August 26, 2012

getting ready for school

i cant believe that audrey will be starting school tomorrow. what a big step.
i am so thankful for how God had His hand in where audrey is going to school (the school where my husband is teaching) and in the teacher she will have.
this week has been full of preparing for school. we made a paper chain to count down the days, bought school supplies (and checked the list a thousand times to make sure we got it right) and we practiced school by playing school.
we also did a few things to hopefully make our mornings run smoothly.
 i made audrey a chart of the things that needed to be done every morning with pictures because she cant read yet.

for the picking of clothes for each day i bought a closet shoe organizer that has 6 holes. i will be putting an outfit (chosen with audrey's help, of course) for each day in each slot. then on the back of her door i have placed some hooks and rope to display her outfit for the next day (i got this idea from some magazine - probably family fun). we also are making a book of pictures of the outfits she can choose from and the different hair-dos she can choose. heres hoping that this takes some of the stress out of every morning.

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