Saturday, March 23, 2013

easter advent eggs

last year i made easter "advent" eggs. we use them to tell the story of Jesus' life ending with the resurrection on easter. i put small objects in them or have them near if the object is too big to go with each bible story.
egg 1 - Jesus' birth (spell Jesus' name with playdough)
egg 2 - shepherds seeing angels and then Jesus (stars because Jesus is the light of the world)
egg 3 - Jesus' baptism (dove sticker)
egg 4 - Jesus calming storm (toy boat)
egg 5 - Jesus feeding 5,000 (cracker)
egg 6 - Zachaeus (candy to share with others)
egg 7 - Jesus is our shepherd (sheep)
egg 8 - blind man healed (blindfold)
egg 9 - mary magdalene (perfume or essential oil)
egg 10 - servant king, washing feet (crown and travel soap)
egg 11 - arrest and death (cross sticker)
egg 12 - empty tomb (empty egg)
after we do the last egg i give the kids their easter baskets.

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