Wednesday, July 24, 2013

storytimes and the carousel

our local mall has a barnes and noble that does storytime. and guess what the storytime lady's name is: miss lindy. now this probably isnt a big deal to most people but i rarely ever find people with my same name. so i knew that i wanted to meet her. so today the kids and i went up and braved the mall (i hate the mall) to go to the storytime. the kids colored a sheet, listened to stories, saw the big costumed bear from build-a-bear, and then got to wait while mommy talked to another lindy. :)
we also rode the carousel today and found out a little known fact at our carousel. all special needs kids ride free (plus siblings if they are feeling generous). so we rode twice but we will definitely be back to ride some more now that we know this secret. and good thing that miles now likes the carousel, especially the lion.

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