Friday, October 25, 2013

project goodwill

so last night i participated in project goodwill. i was given $100 to find whatever i wanted at goodwill and make it into a blue-carpet look. there were 7 designers that competed and 4 judges. all in all it was a fun experience and im glad i did it. but i was totally amazed at what some of the other designers came up with. one of the designers made a skirt from pattern pieces that she pleated and then her bodice was made out of leather boots. another designer used woven VHS tape (thats right she tore out the tape from old videos and wove it together) for some of her fabric, she also used part of a basketball for a hat and part of a suitcase for her dress.
my design was too safe and not as creative. i used a men's suit jacket for the bodice and bed sheets and a linen blanket for the skirt. i also made the matching clutch and a bracelet out of a bath mat.
my model was so great and so sweet. thank you sophie.
(if you want to see the other designs they should be posting them up on facebook soon - under "the goodwill guy fort worth")

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justagirl416 said...

I like the dress you did a lot. I didn't even know that you could do something so creative as that. I think that it just takes a lot of practice using unusual items to start thinking of how you can use them and sew them. So, don't worry or think that yours was not as creative as others. You can do anything you want to achieve and be as good as anyone else or even better, if you believe that you can and practice. I think your dress is gorgeous!