Friday, November 29, 2013

thanksgiving food

this year i wanted to try something different for the thanksgiving food that i was assigned. we did a green bean crockpot recipe, it had bacon, soy sauce and garlic powder with the green beans. it was awesome. i also did an apple snack and pilgrim hat cookies. yes, all the ideas were from pinterest.
 i had a super cute assistant making the pilgrim hats. we used peanut butter instead of frosting to stick the pb cups on the cookies.
 we used leaf sprinkles for the buckle.
 our apple snack with peanut butter/greek yogurt/honey dip.
 wouldnt you want to be served at starbucks by this adorable barista?
our thankful tree. we are still missing jake's thankful leaves (he's been sick) so we have even more to be thankful for.
im thankful for alot this year but my tops are:
my God who has been my helper and guide lately
my family
great school and teachers for my kiddos

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nicole said...

Very fun Thanksgiving!