Saturday, December 21, 2013

introducing our puppy, pepper pots

well we did it.
my husband and daughter were just supposed to be going to petsmart for cat food. but they came home and my daughter was spouting off how if we gave a blanket to the pet shelter they would give us a big discount on the adoption and that she would give all her allowance to get this one calm, wonderful dog. i was just looking at my husband thinking, what?!
so we talked about it, prayed about it and decided to take the whole family to see if this could be our dog. (alittle back story- we told my daughter that she could get a dog when she turned 8, she turned 7 this year so we knew the deadline was approaching. we told her to be praying that God would find just the right dog for us, so she has been.)
she was still there when we got to petsmart and she seemed to do well with our son. so we decided yes, she was our dog.
so i am proud to introduce you to our new addition, pepper pots. she is a 10 month old lab/basset mix. and she seems to have a great temperment for our family.
 audrey is over the moon about getting a dog for christmas. she even told us that we could send back her presents because getting a dog was good enough.
miles and pepper bonding.

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