Saturday, February 8, 2014

a few pinterest recipes

ive been making a few pinterest recipes and for the most part they have been good. i have made white chicken enchiladas
(i replaced the sour cream with cream cheese like my friend suggested). they were delicious and a hit with the family.
White Chicken Enchiladas  my friend made these and substituted cream cheese for sour cream. sounds yummy.
i made baked fried pickles
they turned out ok. i may have not cooked them long enough to get really crispy.
Why fry a pickle when you can bake it and get an even better taste with less fat?
i made meat candy (seriously this was so yummy and sweet and spicy it was like candy)
i mean, i guess you cant go wrong with putting garlic and chili powder on chicken and then wrapping it with bacon and then rolling that in brown sugar.
heres a picture to get your mouth watering.
and i have made mini tortilla pizzas
they were good but not great to me. i would rather have french bread pizza, but im definitely a thick crust girl because i love that doughy crust.
Mini Tortilla Crust Pizzas -- Kids would love to make these!
and now i encourage you to stop just pinning recipes but start trying them out. you may find a new favorite.

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