Tuesday, May 13, 2014

book club

Audrey and I had our first book club meeting last week. She bought the book "Rescue Princesses" from her school's scholastic book fair and read it in a week, that's pretty good considering she's finishing up first grade and it's at a third grade level. Anyways her teacher is wanting to make sure that her students aren't just reading words but that they are comprehending the story. So I had the genius idea to have a book club meeting with her to make sure she really got it. And she really got it, even better than me.
For our book club we had ice cream cones for a dessert and then we dressed as our favorite princess from the book. Then we discussed the book, very thoroughly. I think Audrey enjoyed being the expert since I mixed up some of the characters. Then to finish up we read the teaser chapter for the next book in the series.
It was a lot of fun and we can't wait to read and discuss our next book, Jake is going to join us so Audrey is trying to find a book he would enjoy.
Here we are dressed as our favorite princesses from the book. Audrey is Freya and I am Jaminta. The princesses have special pets they rescue, that's why we're holding pets.

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