Sunday, March 8, 2015

christmas 2015

we had an enjoyable Christmas this year with lots of great family game times, thanks to everyone who got us fun, new games to play.
this year i really reflected on how God made a way to be with us, and He gave up ALL to be with us.
 pepper got a new ball stuffed with fleece shreds. you stuff the fleece shreds in the holes, the dog rips them out, and you start over. she loves it, its much better than a stuffed animal that she destroys in a day.
 miles got some action figures.
 i made audrey a husky seat pet (thats what happens when you think your mom can make anything. you think up animals that the original company doesnt make)
 this is the face when she read the note that she was getting an hour of horse back riding.
 superman had to help everyone open their presents.

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