Friday, May 1, 2015

project goodwill, again?!

yup, i did project goodwill again. it was fun to stretch my design and sewing skills in the competition but i didnt win. but thats ok, it was just for funsies anyway.
for those of you that dont know what project goodwill is: a design competition where you are given $100 to shop at goodwill to create a look using what ever you can find. 
here are my materials for the first look i worked on. i wanted to use that art print as the bodice. but the art print was glued to the cardboard of the frame behind it so i had to carefully pull it away and i lost a good 1/4 of it limiting how much i could use. i tried to work with it but the paper just got more and more tortured as i worked on it and i had trouble trying to figure out what i would do for the bottom of the dress, i ended up not really buying any good options and not enough. so i scraped that idea and started over (good thing i hadnt used up all my money).
 i was going to make a necklace/collar with the brim of the fire hat and all the sequins from that purse in the upper left corner. that got scraped as well.
 heres what i came up with: i used a white sundress and changed it into a jumpsuit. then i ombre dyed the pants (this process was actually fun and turned out great so i will definitely try it again.). i took a button up shirt and used the sleeves for the cuffs of the pants. the obi belt with the purse chain and leather strap was also made from some of the shirt as well as the necklace which had whiffle balls and marbles inside for the beads.
 heres my lovely model. thanks so much sarah for doing this for me.
 heres some of the other looks on the runway.

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Cher Fape said...

I love his look and concept.
From one of your zillion Witt cousins