Thursday, September 4, 2008

making stuff...

have you ever had the desire to make stuff and try to sell it?
i have, too many times for me to remember. even when i was younger i had this thought. and my neighbor friend amy and i made posters about how boys were dumb and tried to sell them around the neighborhood. i think we made about $2 each. thats not too bad when you are in the 4th grade.
right now i'm wondering if i should make hats and mittens. oh, they would be so cute. but would people buy them? and do i want to try to deal with selling things. etsy would probably be a good place to start. i did some research and found out no one is really selling what im thinking of selling, at least not as cute as mine would be.
theres also the hassle of trying to figure out what you should charge for your item. how much is my time worth?
so yeah, thats what i'm pondering at the moment.


Annie said...

Oh you should totally do it through etsy. I bet you'd do well.

Amy said...

You could always try a children's consignment sale store to sell them. I've seen new stuff like that at several different ones lately. Good luck! I don't know how you find the time to sew. Good for you.

CrochetingPixy said...

Dont forget there is all sorts of craft fairs too. I have been wanting to sell what I make as well just dont know where either. And by the time I remember the fairs it is too later.

Good Luck:D