Tuesday, September 16, 2008

still in a fog...

i hate being sick, especially now that i am a mom.
i had a cold or allergies or a sinus infection this weekend with a fever. i felt so bad on sunday i decided to take a zyrtec (or the generic equivalent of it). that stuff always puts me in a fog.
jake was great through it all, taking care of audrey and even getting her out of the house some. and audrey was good too. she kept wanting to kiss me since i was sick, how sweet, but not something she should be doing to someone who is sick. audrey even slept in for me yesterday since we stayed home from work. so i was able to get some extra sleep. thank you God.
and now im back at work today and still alittle foggy. hopefully i wont screw anything up or just pass out at my desk from being exhausted.

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