Wednesday, November 19, 2008

collection ...

i really love to make stuff. and making stuff for my daughter, thats just the best.

so here is a collection of the things ive made for audrey that have not been put on my blog yet.

picture 1 - sleep sack with appliqued heart

picture 2 - bunny hat

picture 3 - pouch sling (my daughter loves it, right!?!)
picture 4 - sunhat
picture 5 - easter dresspicture 6 - ok, i actually made this for a friend's little boy but i think its adorable.

picture 7 - cupcake dress and hat for 1st birthdaypicture 8 - purple kitty pillow/rug
picture 9 - lady bug costumepicture 10 - bear hat (she also has matching mittens but she wouldnt let me get a picture)

picture 11 - easter dresspicture 12 - matching pillowcase dresses for my daughter and her friend


Annie said...

Cute! I'm jealous of your talent. I just ran across that tie onesie yesterday when I was getting out the hand-me-downs for Levi. It's so cute.

Spoons said...

Your have mad sewing skills as Jeremiah would put it-- I wish I had half your talent... one day I will take a class and learn how to sew... maybe, lol!

Jana said...

Ok. I'm just now catching up on your blog - it's been awhile. I LOVE all the things you've made, and the pillowcase dresses are especially cute. Are they difficult to make? I can sew some if told exactly what to do, but I'm not great at creating new things.