Saturday, November 1, 2008


so i think i want to change this into a crafting blog.
i dont really write my true feelings on here becuz of the people who might be out there reading this.

so yeah...

i have been trying to think of things that we buy and throw away after one use. you might be thinking "how green of her to want to help the environment?" but really its just cheaper if you dont have to buy napkins every few months. and why not use cloth napkins. so i made some cloth napkins the other day. heres a picture of them. they will match the curtains that i will someday make. heres a picture of the fabric i will use for the curtains.

what do you think?

i also made reusable baby wipes. i made them out of yellow flannel and they have worked great. let me know if you want the recipe. so now im saving the planet and saving money.

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