Thursday, January 22, 2009


i am wanting to make so much this year.
heres a partial list of what i have made and what i want to make (pretend like you care):

1. reusable, flannel baby wipes (you may be thinking - gross, why would you want to make those? but once you have used them and washed them - which isnt that hard, you will never want to use disposable again
2. quilt for audrey's big girl bed
3. purse for me
4. purse for audrey
5. stick horse for you know who
6. christmas aprons (yes, i said christmas aprons, not for next christmas, im still alittle behind)
7. a late birthday gift - apron and chef's hat
8. knit alot of bear hats and maybe matching mittens
9. pouch or ring slings or possibly both, my friend is starting a resale shop and wants to sell them, thanx misty
10. pillowcase dresses (well not really pillowcase dresses but i will be using cool pillowcases as the fabric
11. baby doll clothes and accessories
12. finish my dot dress (it has been sitting in the closet waiting to be finished at least 2 years)
13. finish my oriental dress (also in the closet, but this one has been waiting about 5 years)
14. sock and glove animals, also other cute animals and dolls i have found patterns for

i think thats enough for now. i should get working.

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Amy said...

so how do you make 'reusable' wipes? I'll be needing some in hopefully less than 10 weeks!