Tuesday, March 3, 2009

recalled crib...

so we made the decision to move a twin matress and box springs into my daughter's room just to get her accostumed to it being in there. but the very next day i was reading in a parenting magazine and scanning through the recall article when i saw my daughter's crib. so i did some research and it was her crib.
so needless to say i jumped into the idea of my daughter sleeping in a big girl bed. and she has done great. i think the whole emphasizing of the idea "we stay in the big girl bed" worked, or maybe it was because i told her about a million times. she has successfully been sleeping and staying in her big girl bed for the last month. hurray!
and now we finally got rid of the crib and got our money back. it wasnt really as hard as i thought it would be. luckily we still had the box and the barcode was still there so they could scan it. and taking the crib apart and loading it into a cart wasnt too difficult.
im so glad that thing is gone. it never really was all that great. while putting it together part of the trim on the top came loose and one of the wheels broke. not to mention that we went through 2 drop sides because the first one cracked and the second one had a slat break. so the lesson in all this - dont buy cheap cribs for your baby without doing some research. im just thankful that audrey was never hurt in the crib. thank you God.
now our daughter asks "where is my crib?" and then promptly answers herself "at target."

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