Wednesday, March 18, 2009

what a rollercoaster...

well the last couple of weeks have been a rollercoaster for my family.
it all started when my aunt and uncle offered for us to buy their house when they move in june, provided that their church would not buy it for the new priest. well things were moving along looking like the church would buy the house until march 4. that day the church called my aunt and told her they didnt want the house.
so it was up for grabs. i had been praying that if the house was for us we would get it. so my husband and i started looking into what we would have to do to sell our house to be able to buy their house.
to make a long story short after seeing the reality of what selling our house would be like and the money we would need to move and buy my aunt and uncles house we feel that God is telling us to stay in our house.
but i can honestly say that we now have the motivation to make our house better. so we started on monday with the help of family and have been working hard. our yard is looking TONS better. we trimmed trees and bushes, removed trash and brush that had accumulated, fixed our garage door and even ended up buying a new stove/oven. i wish i had taken some before and after pictures.
we still have tons to do but at least getting that much done is great.

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speedymom said...

isn't it a great feeling to get house projects done? I have been going crazy looking at our front yard- as soon as my dad gets back we are doing some stuff to it. let us know how you like the company that does your windows!