Saturday, March 19, 2011

rainbow toast and pudding paint

now that im a stay at home mom i have been trying to do some fun stuff with audrey. while volunteering at her preschool i saw the 3 year old class making thisrainbow toast. i knew audrey would love it so we made some at home. its just toast that you butter and then put sprinkles on. friend reminded me of another craft idea from audrey's school - pudding paint. i just took some vanilla pudding, divided it into 3 blobs on a paper plate and made red, yellow and blue with food coloring. then i let audrey go wild. she loved it. she also loved that i let her lick her fingers all throughout the craft. later we had some leftover gingersnaps that i let her "frost" with the remaining vanilla pudding with pink food coloring. she loved that too.

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Homespun By Amy said...

I blogged about the pudding paints too! My kids LOVED it!!! Now I'm going to have to try "rainbow toast"! Great idea!!!