Saturday, March 19, 2011

a fun day outside

since it was so nice outside today and my allergies seem to finally be settling down i played outside with audrey. it helped that my husband was home and could watch miles inside.
audrey got to ride her big wheel. i should have taken a picture. she loves to wear her hello kitty helmet when she rides. its pretty funny.
then we went to the back yard and i made some dandelion crowns and a necklace for audrey.i let audrey take a picture of me. its her first one and i think she did a pretty good job.then audrey and i made a fairy house against the tree. i saw the idea in an issue of the best magazine ever, family fun.

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speedymom said...

I love your fairy house! I wish we had more dandelions, but the chickens love them so much they get eaten :)